Thursday, 9 October 2014

What Would You Do?

Last night the children's hamster died.

This, of course, is inevitable at some point but it is the first time that most of the children have experienced the loss of a pet.  
The only one who has experienced it before is CJ.

Obviously they are all a little sad (although Little Man, Squidge and Bubba are too young to really understand), but I wasn't sure how Boo would react.

The fact that he struggles to express his emotions, and that he is such a sensitive soul, made me dread telling him this morning.

As predicted, he withdrew into himself and became very tearful.  

After a little while he did start to talk about Hammy dying, about 'pet heaven' and that he felt sad.  
This is a massive step forward for Boo, as getting him to open up and talk about his feelings is very hard to achieve.

Hammy when we first got her.

We are planning to bury Hammy when the children get home from school later on today, and one of my beautifully kind hearted friends has already offered to buy a new hamster for the children.  
I am very tempted to take her up on her offer, but am a little reluctant to have pets if Boo is going to struggle to cope when we lose them. 

I know it is part of life and that having pets is good for children and teaches them responsibility etc as they grow up, but I am not sure I can watch Boo struggle with his emotions when they eventually (and inevitably) die.

Is it better for him to have these experiences, or to avoid them?

What would you do?

Missy xx

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