To my neighbour who chooses to remain anonymous - I received your note through my door. A not...

To my neighbour who chooses to remain anonymous -

I received your note through my door.
A note informing me that it was a 'polite request' when actually there was nothing polite about your note at all.
The note went on to inform me that my children are too noisy when they play in the garden during the day and that it apparently stops you from being able to hear your own tv. 
A claim that I find to be extremely far fetched, especially as I am able to hear my own tv perfectly well ..... and I am on the same property as my children while they are playing.

You then continue to inform me that my children's playing is stopping other people from being able to enjoy their own gardens during the summer and that I need to be more considerate of my 'suffering neighbours'.
Very polite. 
And how do you know this? 
Have other people complained to you? Because we certainly haven't had any other complaints.

I WOULD like to apologise for the point you made about Sunday morning. 
I knew my children were out too early that morning.
In my defence, I had had a really bad night with my youngest and just needed the children to be occupied that morning.
So, against my better judgement, I let them go outside.
I apologise sincerely for the fact that they disturbed you that day.

But that is the ONLY thing I will apologise for!

I will NOT stop my children from playing outside. 

I have 6 children.
When they play they are noisy.
They shout and scream and sing and laugh.

It is the school summer holidays and I am encouraging them to play outside (when the weather allows) and to spend their summer playing on the trampoline, in the sandpit and in the pool (when hot enough), looking for bugs and running around.

I want my children to play, and to be happy, and to make noise !
I want them to use their imaginations and make up games.
I LOVE to listen to them singing and making up new games to play when they are bouncing on the trampoline.
I know they fight and argue (and the little ones cry), but show me siblings that don't !
They are in their own garden !!!!
They are not running around in the streets causing aggravation for anyone else.
They are not spending their summer sitting glued to television and computer screens.


And I will NOT apologise for that.

Missy x

I fell in love with Rachael Lucas' books as soon as I started reading them. I was recommended ...

I fell in love with Rachael Lucas' books as soon as I started reading them.

I was recommended 'Coming Up Roses' by a friend and was completely hooked after reading just a few pages.  
From there, I went on to purchase/download all of her previous books and got stuck in.

Rachael has a way of writing that completely draws you in to the story, and has you wishing the book wouldn't come to an end.

One of my favourite books by Rachael is 'Sealed With A Kiss'.

I adored reading about the main characters and getting to know them via Rachael's words.

When the book came to an end I couldn't help but feel disappointed.

Until now.

'Wildflower Bay', although following a different character, is set on the same island as 'Sealed with a Kiss' and you get a little glimpse into previous characters lives while learning all about the new girl, Isla.

Image Credit - Rachael Lucas

'Isla’s got her dream job as head stylist at the most exclusive salon in Edinburgh. The fact that she’s been so single-minded in her career that she’s forgotten to have a life has completely passed her by – until disaster strikes.
Out of options, she heads to the remote island of Auchenmor to help out her aunt who is in desperate need of an extra pair of scissors at her salon.
A native to the island, Finn is thirty-five and reality has just hit him hard. His best friends are about to have a baby and everything is changing. When into his life walks Isla…'

Wildflower Bay didn't disappoint in having me completely hooked again.

I laughed, I smiled, and I even cried a few tears!  
Trust me when I tell you that it is not very often a book manages to make me cry!

Wildflower Bay is available to purchase from today from Asda, WHSmith and all good bookstores.

It is also available to download via Amazon and iBooks.

If you would like to find out more about Rachael and her wonderful books; you can follow her on Facebook and Twitter.
You can also read her Blog.

I would love to hear you thoughts about 'Wildflower Bay' (and any other books by Rachael) so please feel free to post your comments below.

For any Rachael Lucas fans reading this... there will be a Q&A with Rachael appearing on this blog very soon!

Happy Reading.

Missy x

Yesterday we voted, and this morning we received the results of the EU Referendum. For those of yo...

Yesterday we voted, and this morning we received the results of the EU Referendum.

For those of you who don't already know... the UK have voted in favour of leaving the European Union, which was a decision that was swiftly followed by the resignation of our Prime Minister David Cameron.

This isn't going to be a political post.

I'm not going to drone on about my views and what I think should have happened.

It is no longer relevant.

What I do want to say is this...

I have seen a lot of hate this morning.

I have seen arguments on social media full of nastiness, name calling and even accusations of racism.

That needs to stop.


We are lucky.

We have the right to vote.

We are allowed to stand up and voice our opinions.

We shouldn't be using that freedom to vote as a reason to turn on each other.

I am not ashamed to say I voted 'remain', but I would never use my difference of opinion as a reason to be vile and hurtful towards others.

Yes I have concerns about our future and what all of these changes may mean for us as a country, but I also remain hopeful.

Hopeful that we can turn this into a positive situation.

Hopeful that things will work out for the better in the long run.

Hopeful that we can come together as a Nation and become stronger.

Now is the time to stand up TOGETHER.

We can't change the result of the referendum.

We can't change the fact that we are going to have a new Prime Minister (who hasn't been elected by us as a people).

But we CAN remain positive.

It is a scary situation, mainly because of the amount of unanswered questions of what it actually means for us all.

The unknown is scary, but we shouldn't be tearing lumps out of each other for daring to have different views on what is best for the country we live in.

It may be a  bit of a bumpy ride to begin with, but it may also turn into a really positive thing .

What's done is done.

Now is the time for the British people to move forward, stand united, and work together to try and make our country a better place for future generations.

Now is the time for positivity.

Now is the time for us to make the most of what many will deem as a 'bad situation'.

Negativity will just make things worse.

Hatred and fear is not the answer.

It will not change the outcome of what is going to happen.

We voted.

 A decision was made.

Now we have to live with that decision.


As a country we will be a lot stronger if we choose to stand united.

Missy x

I am really excited to be sharing this news with you! As part of the Know Your Normal campaign I ...

I am really excited to be sharing this news with you!

As part of the Know Your Normal campaign I have been asked to feature in a charity calendar.

The calendar is being photographed by the amazing Sarah from 'Red Shoe Makeovers' and the proceeds from the sale of the calendar will be going to two amazing charities - 'Coppafeel' and 'Kicks Count'

In October last year Daddy D treated me to a personal Red Shoe photo shoot to try and boost my self confidence, and it was absolutely amazing.

Sarah has the unique ability to put even the most self conscious person at ease and to bring out the best of them in her photographs.

Image Credit - Red Shoe

The calendar will feature photographs of 'real' women who have real stories to tell and I can't wait to find out Sarah's vision for the calendar, and to be photographed along side 10 amazing women.

'Know Your Normal' is the brain child of beauty, travel and lifestyle blogger Ami Elizabeth and aims to encourage women to know their own bodies, and to have the confidence to report any changes that may need to be checked out further, for their own peace of mind.

Every body is different so it is incredibly important to know what is 'normal' for you!

Image Credit - Know Your Normal

The calendar is set to be released in November 2016 and I can not wait to see the finished product.

If you are interested in providing sponsorship to help fund this project, or you would like more information about it then please contact Ami at

Missy x

I brought my son to see you as he has been suffering with severe upper abdominal pain. As we walke...

I brought my son to see you as he has been suffering with severe upper abdominal pain.

As we walked into your office you were standing by the door waiting to greet us.

You greeted my son first and held out your hand so that he could shake it if he wanted to.

Straight away I knew you had read his notes before seeing us.

I didn't need to tell you that my son has autism.  

You already knew!

From the moment we walked in to the room you conversed directly with my son.

You made jokes with him, and even though he didn't laugh you could see he had enjoyed them.

I could have cried tears of joy at the way you made sure he felt comfortable, and how you spoke directly to him, as you would any other patient.

You didn't rush him as he struggled to find the right words to describe his pain to you. 

You were careful not to use any words that may trigger his anxiety, knowing that the idea of having blood tests could cause him to go into meltdown.

And you did it in a way that didn't make him feel like he was 'different' to anyone else!

As well as doing all of this for him you made sure you listened to my concerns as well.  

You didn't brush them aside, as so many doctors have done before you.

These things may not seem like much to others, but to us they were HUGE.

I normally dread our doctors visits, knowing that I would leave feeling patronized and no better off than we were before we went.

But not this time!

I tried to thank you as we left, but I have a feeling I was rambling a bit.

I told you how much it meant to us that you listened and spoke to my son like a 'grown up'

I asked you if you are okay with us requesting you for any of my son's future appointments.

I could have hugged you!

I could have cried!

This is the first positive doctors visit we have had in a VERY long time.

If only you knew what a difference you have made.

Thank You... from the bottom of my heart.

Missy x