Today has been amazing. It came to the usual dinner time routine of trying to find something that Boo would want to eat, and because o...

Today has been amazing.

It came to the usual dinner time routine of trying to find something that Boo would want to eat, and because of his food phobia, his dinner usually consists of cereal, or toast.
 So imagine my amazement when he asked for egg !

I didn't want to get too excited, as he has asked for things before, and then changed his mind at the last minute, but I was so happy to hear him ask for something different that I would make him whatever he wanted.

Any parent who has a child who suffers with food phobia will understand how frustrating it is when your child will not, and can not bring themselves to eat the normal day to day food you would expect a child to eat.
Boo's diet only consists of cereal, toast, porridge (only the one that comes in sachets), jam sandwiches, and the occasional mouth-full of pizza.  
If you try to introduce new foods to him, he becomes extremely upset and agitated, and will start gagging and crying.
He is on several dietary medications and his nutritional intake is very poor.  Because of this he is already suffering problems with his teeth, and is awaiting an appointment to be sedated to have 2 of his molars removed.

Asking for egg is a BIG step.

I asked him how he would like me to cook the egg, which took quite a bit of time as I had to explain, in a lot of detail, the different varieties he could have.
After about 15 minutes, he decided he would like me to make him fried egg on toast.
I went in to the kitchen to start cooking it for him, and while frying the egg he appeared at the doorway. 
My heart began to sink as I am used to the scenario of him changing his mind once he sees the food being prepared, but nothing had prepared me for the shock of what was about to happen. 

Boo came in to the kitchen ......... looked at the egg cooking ..........  and then asked me if he could have 2 !!!

I could have cried.

I added the second egg to the pan, with Boo watching every move, and deep down I was still expecting him to turn his nose up at it once it was ready.

I put it onto a plate for him, and he asked me to cut it into quarters so that he could pick it up and eat it.

We had never gotten this far before.

I watched with great anticipation as Boo sat down .......... and started eating his egg on toast !!

I couldn't believe it.  
Words can't explain the emotion I felt watching him.  
I have never been as proud as I was at that moment, and you could see that he was proud of himself too.

It probably sounds trivial to other people, but for us it is a massive achievement.  

Boo is 7 years old and has never eaten an egg before.

It is such a big thing for him to do, and has filled me with so much hope for the future.

After several years of frustration and tears Boo has made a major breakthrough !

Missy xx

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  1. I am crying as I read this... Because I was holding my own breath to see if he would eat even a small amount ... Fantastic achievement for u both xxx


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