I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the "system" and am starting to wonder how anyone makes any progress and manages to ge...

I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the "system" and am starting to wonder how anyone makes any progress and manages to get their child the help and support they need?

Boo was re-assessed by the educational psychologist on the 25th May, and I met with her on the same day.  
At the time, she hadn't had the chance to score his assessment and plot his learning age onto the chart.  
It was just before half term and because of some of the problems that had been noticed during the assessment she said she would like to meet me straight after half term to discuss the best options for Boo's education.  

After half term she was then unable to meet with me, as she was ill.  
Not her fault ...... these things happen. 
As she was unable to meet with me, I asked if she would be able to send me a copy of the assessment so that I would be able to send a copy with Boo's disability forms.  That seemed fine with her, and she agreed to fax a copy to the school for me within a couple of days.

I kept checking with the school to see if it had arrived, but every day I checked there was still no sign of it.  The school then tried to contact her, on several occasions to chase the assessment, as well as myself ringing her office too.  Several times we were told that messages were being passed on and it would be sent before the end of the day.  
The end of the day then became the end of the week, and even then there was still no sign of the report.

I then received an apologetic phone call from the educational psychologist, saying that she would definitely fax the report across, and that she had also cleared the whole of Monday morning (27th June) so that she could meet with me, at a time that suited me.  I arranged to meet with her at 9:15am at the school.

Monday morning came, and the report still hadn't been faxed across.  

I then arrived at the school for our meeting, only to be told that she had cancelled our meeting and had been trying to contact me (which is funny, as I didn't have any missed calls, or voice mail messages!)

I have been told her child has chicken pox, and she will contact me to reschedule when her child is better.

So here I am, 34 days after Boo was assessed, and with only 4 weeks left until the summer holidays, and I am still without the copy of the report, and none the wiser as to what the next steps will be for his care, and educational needs.  
Because of this I have also been unable to send Boo's disability forms.

I feel so helpless and frustrated, and if I'm honest, I feel really let down and angry.  If you can't do something, then don't promise it in the first place.  

I rang the educational psychology office again this morning to hear yet another apology, and to be told that the report will be sent by the end of the day.  

I'll believe it when I see it, and I certainly wont hold my breath.

Missy x

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