You know the venting that I warned you about in my first post, "Welcome to my new blog" ......... well I'm afraid this is one...

You know the venting that I warned you about in my first post, "Welcome to my new blog" ......... well I'm afraid this is one of those posts! 

I like to think that I am a good parent ... but I am increasingly finding myself in the pits of despair and frustration and finding it hard to stay calm and look at things objectively. 

Morning has to be one of the worst parts of the day for me, as it never starts well, and often puts a dampener on the rest of my day.  
My day will usually begin at around 6am so that I can be up before everyone else and try to get things organised.  I drag myself out of bed (not an easy task, as I have usually been up several times during the night with Little Man), and lay clothes out ready for the kids.  I then get all of the breakfast things out and make the school lunches. By the time this is done, Little Man is usually awake and creating for his breakfast and it is time to wake the others.  Sounds simple doesn't it .... waking the others.  Well, for the girls, it usually is.  I go in, open the curtains and wake them with a very cheerful .... "good morning sleepy heads" and they are up and smiling, ready to start their day. For Boo, it is a different story.  I follow the same routine, curtains open and a nice cheerful good morning, but he doesn't stir. Part of Boo's condition means that it can be very difficult for him to settle in to sleep at night, and also very difficult to wake him.  The whole process can take anything from 10 minutes to half an hour. Obviously I can't stay in his room for this length of time, so I am in and out, and up and down the stairs, trying to make sure Little man is ok, and the girls are eating their breakfast/brushing teeth etc, while trying to wake him up.  By the time Boo finally manages to wake, and get out of bed, he is rather behind in the morning routine.  
This is when the fun begins.  
Pretty much as soon as Boo is awake we encounter a meltdown of some sort.  It can be triggered by anything.  The clothes that he is wearing, the breakfast he is having, something that someone has said.  Anything.  After trying to calm him, I then have to try and get him to eat his breakfast, and then he needs to be helped with washing, brushing teeth and getting dressed.  All the things that the girls have already achieved (hopefully).  While doing this he will forget what he has been asked to do, and I am constantly repeating myself (and getting rather frustrated).  He will also spend a lot of his time annoying his sisters and fighting with them (another joyful part of his condition).  By this point, as you can probably tell, pretty much all of my attention is having to be focused on Boo.  So who is supervising the girls? .....  I'm trying my best, but if I don't get Boo ready then we'll never make it to school.  Not an ideal situation, but a very real one.  
By the time Boo is ready it's normally getting very close to 8am, and we have to leave at 8:15am. I still have to brush CJ and Roo's hair, dress Little Man (which, if I'm perfectly honest, normally doesn't happen until we return home from the school run, as I don't have time) and get myself ready to go.  Then we have the meltdowns about putting on his coat, carrying his school bag etc.  

The walk to school always ends up with my heart in my throat.  Boo has no sense of danger and often runs off, and on several occasions has stepped out into the roads.  I have tried getting him to hold the pram/my hand, and have even tried a toddler wrist strap, but Boo is incredibly strong for his age, and has also learnt how to take the wrist strap off. 
Unfortunately, by the time we get to school, I am frazzled, and frustrated to the verge of tears, and have spent a lot of my morning shouting, even though I promise myself every day that I wont.  

This is just a rough idea of what the mornings are like .... and this is on a good day.  Throw in Roo's toddler tantrums, an emotional 9 year old, one of them being ill, or some other problem, and it gets a whole lot worse.

I often wonder what it is like in other people's houses? 

Is it this hard for everyone?

Missy xx

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  1. Ur blog is great babe can relate to some of wat ur going through keep ur chin up babe everything will work out with ur friends and family supporting u Xx


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