I n an attempt to enjoy yesterday's glorious weather,  before it turned into today's depressing downpour, I took Boo, and CJ, to h...

In an attempt to enjoy yesterday's glorious weather,  before it turned into today's depressing downpour, I took Boo, and CJ, to his school summer fete.  The day had been very well organised and there was plenty to keep the children entertained, and for once we managed to enjoy the afternoon out, without any meltdowns.   Boo took part in an Irish Dancing display and coped quite well, considering.  They both enjoyed playing on a selection of games, including tombola, hoopla,  goal kicks, golf and had lots of fun on the bouncy castle.  We even had a visit from the local fire brigade, with one of their engines!  After Boo and CJ had both had a turn sitting in the fire enigine, and asking a million questions to the firemen, I told them that they could choose a treat from one of the stalls before we left.  CJ picked very quickly and merrily went on her way with a new doll, but for Boo things weren't as simple.  With so many things to look at, and choose from, it was hard for him to make a decision, and to get him to understand the monetary values of all of the different items.  After around 15 minutes of indecision he finally settled on an egg!  

Yes ....... you did read that correctly ........ an egg!  

The egg is supposed to be put into a cup full of water, and then after around 24 hours it starts to crack. Then a pet (in this case, a dinosaur) should start to push it's way out of the egg. You then remove the shell and the dinosaur grows bigger and bigger every day.  In hind sight, I wish I had taken into consideration Boo's inability to wait!!!   The only thing he is talking about is this egg. He's checking it every 10 seconds to see if it has cracked yet and is starting to drive me slightly mad. He's seems to think it's like a chicken's egg, and we can crack it and see what's inside. 
Bless him. 
Not really sure how to get him to understand that it needs to be left, but you tell him, and 5 minutes later he has forgotten again!  
All I can say is, I really, really hope that the dinosaur that appears is worth all of his excitement and anticipation. 


  1. The dinosaur will be a great learning tool for Boo and who knows he might get what waiting is!

  2. I agree, it will be good for him to experience waiting and then receive the reward at the end of it, but unfortunately, because of his lack of short term memory, I know the experience wont stay with him. xx


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