Have you ever heard the saying - "Ignorance is bliss"? Well at this point in time I couldn't disagree more. I would gi...

Have you ever heard the saying - "Ignorance is bliss"?
Well at this point in time I couldn't disagree more.

I would give anything to have a definite diagnosis for Boo. 
At least then we would know what we are dealing with.

Boo went for his review with the specialist on Tuesday and I was looking forward to finally having a diagnosis. 
Unfortunately that didn't happen.

We have seen a few different doctors, and they have told us that they are almost certain that Boo suffers with ASD, and that it is most likely that he has aspergers.

Now that has changed.

His current doctor is now saying that it might not be an ASD diagnosis after all, and that Boo is going to have to have more tests.

We know for certain that Boo has significant short term memory problems, and that he has problems with his speech and language. We also know that Boo suffers with food phobia and has ADHD. Unfortunately Boo suffers with quite a severe learning disability too.

He shows many traits that tie in with ASD/aspergers, but the doctor is hesitant to diagnose him as such.

On 21st July I am taking Boo for blood tests. 
Not an easy task with a child who suffers with anxiety and struggles to understand why it is being done to him.

The reason for the blood tests is for Boo to have genetic/DNA testing.

The doctors have decided that, with all of Boo's combined problems, he may be suffering from a condition called Fragile X Syndrome. 

This is not something that I know very much about, apart from the fact that it is more common in boys and, just like autism, has a wide spectrum of severity.

I guess it is just something else for me to read about and research, and wonder if this is the cause of Boo's "differences".

The blood test results will take 6-8 weeks to come through, and depending on what they show, could lead to the whole family having to go through the process of being tested, and inevitably, leaving one of us knowing that we have passed this condition on to Boo.

In the mean time I am still left with the frustration of not knowing, and believe me, I am at the point where I would much rather know.

It won't make things any easier to deal with, but at least then we would have some answers and be able to start on the road to getting Boo all of the help he needs to reach his full potential.

Believe me, Ignorance is definitely not bliss!

Missy xx

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