First of all, let me start by apologising for neglecting my blog recently, but it has been a rather hectic time, with lots to contend with....

First of all, let me start by apologising for neglecting my blog recently, but it has been a rather hectic time, with lots to contend with.  
I also apologise for the fact that this post may turn out to be quite long winded. It is a weeks worth of events but I hope you bare with me while I explain all about my week of  "fun" ! (Can you sense the sarcasm??)

Thursday started out as a pretty ordinary day, apart from the fact that the Infant school was closed due to the teachers strike.  This did not go down well with CJ, as the Junior school was still open, so she had to go to school and Boo didn't.  
Cue the tantrums.  
Even though the nursery is attached to the infant school, they too were remaining open.  So, off we went for our usual walk to school to drop off CJ and Roo.  
Boo, Little Man and myself returned home for some breakfast and a bit of play time, and before we knew it, it was time to go and collect Roo again.  
On the way there, while walking through the local park, I bumped into a friend who offered to keep Boo there with her, and her son, while I collected Roo, and then I could meet up with them afterwards.
Boo was very happy with this idea, and off he ran, to play with his friend in the park.
I collected Roo and then joined the others in the park.  
They were all playing happily, and then all of a sudden Boo sat down, the colour draining from his face, and complained that his tummy hurt, so I took them home.
After lunch Little Man went for his usual afternoon nap, and Roo and Boo were watching television.  It went very quiet (which is unusual, as all they do normally is fight and argue) so I went to check on them, only to find them both fast asleep on the sofa.  
Not so unusual for Roo, but very unusual for Boo, who, because of his ADHD, is usually bouncing off of the walls.

I left them to sleep, but had to wake them up to collect CJ.  
When I woke Boo up he said that his tummy still hurt and now his head hurt too.  At the time he still seemed pretty chirpy, so I wasn't too concerned.

Off we went to collect CJ, and then on the way back Boo started shaking and complaining that he was "freezing".  I managed to get him home, and he went straight back to the sofa and fell back to sleep.  This is when the alarm bells started to ring.  Boo would never sleep twice in one day! 
I tried to wake him, but every time I did he started crying out in pain, and shaking uncontrollably.  By this point he was burning up with a temperature of over 40 degrees, even though he had been given paracetamol. 
Not good.
I then decided to ring the new NHS 111 service, which, for those of you who don't already know, is the new service for people who require medical help that is not urgent enough for an ambulance, but worrying enough to need immediate advice.  
I was put straight through to a nurse who expressed her concern, and told me that Boo needed to be seen by a doctor and to take him to the local Urgent Care Centre as soon as it opened 1 hour later.  She told me that if he got any worse in the mean time that I should take him straight to A&E.
About 10 minutes after I had finished the phone call to 111, Boo needed to go to the bathroom, but as soon as I stood him up, he started crying out in pain again and struggling to move.
I decided to take Boo to A&E.  
I rang a local taxi company to come and collect us, but was torn between waiting for the taxi, and ringing an ambulance.  
Just as I was about to call an ambulance, the taxi arrived, so I opted to just jump in the taxi and go.  
On arriving at the A&E department, Boo was very agitated and in a lot of pain, but they wouldn't take him straight through to be seen.  While waiting to be triaged, the pain became too much for him, and he vomited.
The triage nurse then called him in and once again his temperature was through the roof.  She gave him more ibuprofen and made us go back to the waiting area.  An hour later, we were called in by the doctor, and I have never seen Boo so happy to be able to lay down.

When taken through, we saw one doctor for about 5 minutes, who prodded Boo's abdomen, and told me that because it was soft he did not suspect appendicitis and said "maybe it's flu?"  
He told me that he would need a urine specimen, and then we could go home.  
That was the only time I saw a doctor in A&E ! 

Boo vomited again, due to the fever and the pain, and had hardly had anything to drink all day.  After that he went to sleep.  
We had been left in a side room, and I hadn't seen a nurse, or doctor, for over an hour.  
While asleep, Boo started shaking violently.  
I tried to get the attention of a nurse, who told me she didn't work in A&E and would get someone for me. 

No one came.

I had to leave Boo on his own so that I could go and get a nurse.  
When she came in she couldn't believe that we had just been left there.  

She checked Boo's observations.  His heart was racing, and his temperature was, once again, above 40 degrees!  
She told me that the uncontrollable shaking was called rigoring, and could be the first sign of fitting.

We arrived at A&E at 6:30pm and did not get taken to the paediatric ward until midnight!

Once on the ward, the doctors took blood specimens and inserted a cannula into the back of Boo's hand.
Boo was lethargic, not talking and shaking uncontrollably.  He didn't even flinch when they inserted the needle.  
The surgeons were also called to review Boo, in case of appendicitis, but they were happy that appendix were not the problem.

Boo was spiking temperatures of 40+ and rigoring all night Thursday and into Friday morning.  

Because of Boo's food phobia it is extremely difficult to get him to take medicine, and so he ended up having to have IV paracetamol to bring the temperature down.

When he woke up on Friday morning, he was holding his throat and crying in pain again.  The doctors came to review him again, and after a few more tests, and a chest x-ray it was established that my poor Boo had tonsillitis, a chest infection and both ears were infected, all at the same time.  
No wonder he was in so much pain and his temperature was so high.  The doctors then started Boo on IV antibiotics, and as he was still not able to eat or drink, he also had to have IV fluids over night on Friday.
It took a couple of days for Boo to start to return to his usual self, and we weren't allowed to go home until Sunday afternoon.

I wish I could say that things got better from here, but, I returned home on Sunday to find that Roo also had a temperature of over 40 degrees.  
Just what I needed after 3 nights in hospital and minimal sleep.

Her temperature wouldn't go down with medicine either, so I took her straight to the GP on Monday morning.  I was told that she also has severe tonsillitis, and was given a 5 day course of antibiotics.
We are now on the 5th day of antibiotics, and she seems to be getting worse instead of better.  
The temperatures aren't as bad, but she has developed blisters in the back of her throat and her voice is very croaky.

Top that off with Roo waking up screaming in the night, with nothing calming her, and all in all, we are not having much fun.

Thankfully, Roo is going to her Nanna's for the weekend so that I can get a break, and try to catch up on some much needed sleep. 
If there is still no improvement in her throat by Monday, then it's back to the doctors we go.

Here's hoping my poor babies are all better soon. 

Missy xx

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