Isn't it funny how quickly things can change from being largely positive, to a complete and utter nightmare. Ok ............. so f...

Isn't it funny how quickly things can change from being largely positive, to a complete and utter nightmare.

Ok ............. so funny probably isn't the word I'd use either.  
Let's try depressing, frustrating, exhausting, and down right annoying!

I'm sitting here writing this post after having slept for less than 2 hours and I am utterly exhausted.

I really don't know what it going on with Roo at the moment, but she is currently the hardest to handle out of all the children.  
Her behaviour is out of control.  
She is having constant meltdowns and is in the process of driving me insane.

Roo stayed with her Nanna on Thursday night, and returned home at around 6pm on Friday.  At this point I was just about to get in the bath for a nice relaxing soak.  
Some hope!  
From the moment she got home she started throwing tantrums, screaming and crying for me.  I ended up having the worlds quickest bath so that I could go and deal with her. 
No matter what we did, nothing was good enough.  
She screamed and screamed up until the point that she was in complete meltdown.  
Then the aggression started. 
 She hit me, pinched me, scratched me, bit me, pulled my hair and kicked me.  In the end we had to restrain her, as nothing else was working.
Daddy D sat with her on his lap while she tried her hardest to hurt him, and I had to sit in another room listening to her crying out for me, while my heart was breaking.

Eventually, she wore herself out and fell asleep on Daddy D's lap, so we put her up to bed.  I was fully expecting to have yet another torturous night of her waking from her sleep, screaming, but rather surprisingly, she slept through the night without any problems.
Unfortunately for me, Little Man did not!! He is poorly, with a horrible cough, runny nose and temperature, so I spent my night dealing with him instead.
I think I managed to get around 4 hours sleep on Friday night.


Even Roo's behaviour during the day seems to be getting worse instead of better.  She is constantly making demands, thinking she is the boss of everyone around her, and then wanting to be the baby and making the worlds most annoying whining noises, which I find really frustrating.

Daddy D is on call at the moment, and spent all day Saturday at work, so the children and I went to spend the afternoon with my brother, and sister in law.  
It was great to escape from the house, and although I was tired, I had a lovely day.  
Roo had a few tantrums, but nothing horrific .......... that is, until we got home!

She was in a foul mood, and over tired by the time we got home, and getting her to bed was a bit of a struggle, but we managed it without any major problems.  
I crawled in to my bed at about 11pm, looking forward to finally getting some sleep, but just as I was drifting off, little man woke up, miserable and hungry.  I fed and changed him, and once again crawled in to bed.  
I shut my eyes and started to relax ........ and then Roo started crying.
I went in to her room and managed to calm her, without the usual hours of screaming.
Back to bed I go.
Once again, just drifting off, and Daddy D's phone rings, and he is called to work.


Drifting off again and Roo starts crying ...... again. 
This time it is full on, screaming, not communicating when you try to calm her, and lashing out.
I decided that it would be best to take her downstairs as she was disturbing her siblings, so I picked her up, and managed to get her downstairs, with great difficulty, while she tried to punch and kick me.
Time to restrain her again.
By this point it is around 1:30am, and, as Daddy D left for work, I was left trying to restrain her.  
While sitting on my lap, her head is in direct line with my face.  
Not a good position to be in.  
We spent around 2 hours sitting in that position, while Roo tried to claw at me, pull my hair, kick me, headbutt me, bite me, whatever she could, in any part of my body she could gain access to, while I tried my hardest to contain my own emotions.  

For a 4 year old, she is surprisingly strong.

I eventually managed to calm her enough to move into the living room, where we would both be more comfortable.  She was tired, and continued to whine ..... which was a lot better than the full blast screaming, that is so loud it wakes my neighbours!
Once she is calm, she returns to being a lovely little girl.  All smiles and cuddles and looking angelic.
We even took some pictures to try and distract her and take her mind off of what had just happened.

By the time I got back to bed, it was past 4am, and yes, you've guessed it, just as I was about to fall asleep, Little Man woke up screaming.  I fed him but could not get him to settle, and he was so congested that he was struggling to breathe if he had his soother.  I bought him into bed with me and prayed that he would fall asleep.
Dream on.
That was it.
When Daddy D got home at 6am, I was still up with Little Man, and from that point have given up trying to go back to bed.

I am now up with all of the children.  Little Man is miserable, and Roo is tired and full of demands and tantrums.  I am determined to show her that she is not the boss of me, but it's not an easy task.

She has already started throwing things, and whining, and after 1 tantrum this morning, I entered the kitchen to discover every single cupboard and drawer had been opened!

Roo is a very bright little girl, but I am starting to worry about her behaviour.  

Surely this can't be normal?

I haven't slept, and I am emotionally and physically exhausted.  
Daddy D is having to sleep in case he gets called to work again later, and I'm really not sure how I am going to survive the day!

Missy x

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