Hello ........ my name is Missy .......... and I am a Twitter Addict !! I absolutely love Twitter.   I know there are quite a few pe...

Hello ........ my name is Missy .......... and I am a Twitter Addict !!

I absolutely love Twitter.  
I know there are quite a few people out there who just "don't get it", and all I can say is, don't knock it 'til you've tried it!
It's like a permanent instant messaging site, where you can talk to as many people you like, and follow their updates, and they in turn can follow yours.  
It's used by a wide variety of people, from charities using it to raise awareness, people like me who like to talk, and celebs even use it to stay in touch with their fans!

I must admit, I am probably on it far too often, to the point where Daddy D gets quite annoyed, but I have found it to be an invaluable support to me over the past few months.

I was shocked at how many people are going through similar experiences to me ....... and I have managed to connect with them via this wonderful social networking site.

I know that this is a place I can "go" whenever I am struggling ...... whether it's because of meltdowns, tiredness, financial stress, general day to day problems, or because I am on my own and just need someone (other than a child) to talk to ..... and there will always be someone willing to listen, and to offer advice and support.

I have made friends with some truly amazing people on Twitter, some of whom go through such a hard time on a day to day basis that I sometimes wonder why I find things so difficult. 

I can be myself, vent how I feel and give my honest opinion ........ and I never feel judged!

Just supported, and listened to.

Take today for example .......... I only had 2 hours sleep last night, because of insomnia, and then, after finally falling asleep at 2am, Roo then woke up at 4am and refused to go back to sleep.

I got up, tired and deflated, and then received a phone call that managed to reduce me to tears.

I will no longer be working at the job I absolutely love.

I wasn't a permanent member of staff, but it is still really hard to think I will not be working there again, because I had finally found something I adored doing.  
I guess it has finally made me face up to the fact that I am now Boo's permanent carer, and Mummy.

Silly really, but after such a small amount of sleep it felt as though my world was ending (dramatic huh).

Within 15 minutes of finding out about my job, one particularly lovely lady, who I seem to have "clicked" with, managed to stop me from crying, and made me smile ....... giggle even ....... just from a few silly tweets!  
She made me realise that there is more to life, and that I may have been over reacting slightly. (Who ..... me? ...... Never!)
For that, I am truly grateful to her. (You know who you are!)

I am always grateful for my fabulous Twitter friends.  
Not just today, but every day, for the kindness and support they show me while I am on this bumpy journey with my family, and with my general day to day madness.

I hope these people realise who they are ....... and that they might feel the same about me ! (Hehehe)

To all my lovely Twitter friends ........ Thank you for keeping me sane!

Missy xx

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