We are at the end of the first week of school (already) and it has been a very up and down week. Boo was so excited to be starting a ne...

We are at the end of the first week of school (already) and it has been a very up and down week.

Boo was so excited to be starting a new school, and seeing his friends again, but i am still left constantly worrying, and wondering if main stream school is the right place for him to be.

Will he cope?

On the first day, Boo had to go and sit in the hall with his new class mates and wait for his teacher to take them to their new class room, while I stood in the hall with the other parents, and watched him become more and more anxious as the minutes ticked by.

He had already expressed to me on the way to school that he was worried that he would forget where things are, how to get to his class room etc.
I reassured him as well as I could, letting him know that there would be plenty of people there to help him if he needed it, and that his big sister CJ would be there to look out for him at break times.

The longer he sat on that bench the more anxiety I could see on his face.

His eyes became wide as he stared off into the distance trying to pretend it wasn't happening.
Then his eyes started to fill with water.

A moment I had been dreading, as I knew if he started to cry, then I would too.

Luckily, at this moment, his teacher decided to take the children to the classroom.
Just in time.
Boo didn't cry, but did look back at me with every step he took, with a look of fear and anxiety on his face.

I spent the rest of the day worrying about him, and wondering how he was coping.

Judging by the feedback I have received from the school so far Boo seems to be doing ok.
He is joining in with the rest of the children and seems happy enough.

When he returns home he doesn't say anything about his day.
Most of the time he can't remember what he has done.

The biggest sign to me that Boo probably isn't coping as well as he seems, is the behaviour we are getting at home.

We seem to be getting a massive "overspill" when he gets home in the afternoon.
He is aggressive (wanting to fight and argue with everyone), jumping off of the furniture, shouting, running around in circles and generally causing as much disruption as he can.

Over the past couple of days, this behaviour has started to appear in the mornings as well, which is not something we would usually experience.

I am hoping that Boo manages to settle down once he becomes more familiar with his surroundings, but if I am honest, I think that the more work he is given, the worse it is going to become.

I have no idea how he is going to manage, even with the simple tasks such as writing information in his homework book, but the school have assured me that they are going to do everything possible to help him so for the moment I have to place my trust in them and hope for the best.

Daddy D and I have discussed everything, and it is very clear to us that if we don't see an improvement over the next few months, or if Boo just isn't able to cope, then we are going to have to consider other options for his education.

Not an easy task when the authorities won't even give him a statement of educational needs, as he is not "severe" enough.

Cue me, banging head against brick wall ....... again.

Missy xx

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