Hello ....... i'm back!  Have you missed me? Once again I have been neglecting my blog, (Oooops)  but, with an unexpected pregnancy, a...

Hello ....... i'm back!  Have you missed me?

Once again I have been neglecting my blog, (Oooops)  but, with an unexpected pregnancy, a shocking diagnosis for Boo, sickness all through the house, and life in general, things have been rather hectic around here, and family/life has to come first.
I will not bore you all with details of everything that has happened since I last blogged properly, through fear that I would send you all to sleep.
Instead I shall just continue as if nothing happened, and tell you about something that happened two days ago.

On Monday (the 10th) I went to Boo's parents evening, and I must admit I had been dreading it.
He made very little progress in the whole of his last year in Infant school, and I had been so worried about him starting Junior school in September and not being able to cope.
Were my fears about to be confirmed?
Well, the answer is a big fat NO!

After speaking to Boo's teacher, I am very impressed.
Boo has not been statemented, so the school receives no extra funding to provide him with extra support, and I had been very worried that he would be left to just get on with things, and would make very little progress.
In fact, the school have been fantastic.  They have given no end of help and support to Boo and it is starting to show.
He has gone from hardly being able to read a simple word, to being able to sight read simple books, without having to sound out all of the individual letters to make up his words, and he is starting to remember and recognise his phonics.
There is nearly always an adult sitting at his table in case he requires some help with his work, and they are using lots of props and physical, fun activities to help him with his learning.

He has made more progress in the past two months than he did in a whole year at Infant school, and it just goes to show that all he needed was teachers that would help and support him instead of leaving him to struggle on his own.

I feel like my mind has been put to rest for the time being, and I can now send Boo to school happy that he is making progress.
Obviously he is still struggling, and is not at the same level as everyone else, but he IS improving!

We have Boo's first geneticist appointment on 1st November, which will play a huge part in helping us to understand how much progress we can expect to see, and what barriers we may come up against in the future.

I have heard many horror stories about mainstream schools getting it wrong when working with special needs children, and I am so thankful that Boo's school seems to be one of the good ones.

At the moment things are going well, and I am a very happy mummy!

P.S - feel free to let me know what you think about my blogs makeover. It has been done for me by Jacqui at Wacky Jacqui's Designs and I love it!


  1. Your teacher sounds amazing. Well done Boo! And you.

  2. Thank you. I am really pleased with the new school and hope that they will continue to support Boo throughout the rest of his time there.
    Missy xx


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