First of all let me start by wishing you all a very Happy New Year. I can't believe we are in 2012 already. Where did 2011 go?? Thin...

First of all let me start by wishing you all a very Happy New Year.
I can't believe we are in 2012 already.
Where did 2011 go??

Things became rather hectic towards the end of the year, meaning I haven't blogged for a very long time, but as I have always said, life has to come first.

In spite of this, one of my new year resolutions is to keep up to date with my blog ..... for many reasons, but the main ones being that it is something I really enjoy doing, and, as selfish as it sounds, I need a place to vent.
Things have been gradually spiralling out of control over the past month or so, and it has made me realise how much I need you all.
My support network.

Your comments and advice are invaluable to me, and have often helped me through difficult times. So, if you can remember who I am, then I hope you will continue to read my blog, and share in my experiences.

I will, however, apologise in advance for the fact that my posts may follow a pattern of venting and frustration as things are becoming increasingly difficult here.

As this is my first post of the year, I don't want it to be a rant, or depressing, so I will save the details for another day and share my happy news instead.

Some of you may recall that I am pregnant with baby number 5.
Well, I am now 24 weeks in to my pregnancy and very happy to share with you that we are expecting a beautiful baby girl.
We went for a gender scan a few days ago, taking the other children with us to share the experience, and we were all very excited to be finding out whether we should be buying pink or blue.

We were also lucky enough to receive a 4d scan free-view during our gender scan.
I had been a little sceptical about them previously, as I found them to be a little creepy with the amniotic fluid distorting the baby's features on the screen, but I was truly amazed.

To see our little girls face on the screen, and be able to tell what she looks like ....... the shape of her nose ........ her little kissy lips ........ It was absolutely magical.

We are all thrilled at the news of another little princess joining our family and can not wait to meet her and kiss those scrummy little lips and cheeks.

We are already completely and utterly smitten with her.


  1. Great blog hunny, can't wait for the next. I know things haven't been easy, but you know I'll always be here to help you through. Daddy D. X


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