I guess I made it pretty clear in my last post  Truth Hurts  that we have not been coping recently. Things have been taking a downward spir...

I guess I made it pretty clear in my last post Truth Hurts that we have not been coping recently.
Things have been taking a downward spiral with Boo, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage his condition.
Because of this I contacted his Educational Psychologist and asked for him to be re-reviewed.
Little did I know that things were about to get worse.

The Educational Psychologist must have heard the desperation in my voice because she assessed him in less than a week!
For those of you that have special needs children, you will know that this is practically unheard of ..... for those of you that don't have special needs children, then trust me ...... these people normally take a lot of chasing, which is mostly due to them having too many children under their care and not enough hours in the day to see them all.

She assessed him in the morning and then I met with her in the afternoon to discuss how things had gone.
I was not prepared for the information I was about to receive.

Basically I thought that it would just be a quick meeting where I would be told that he was still progressing well at school so they would see him again in a few months time.

How wrong I was.

Educationally Boo is still doing well ..... it's everything else that is giving cause for concern.

Let's just say you know a meeting isn't going to go well when the first thing said to you is .... "I'm going to have to ask you some things, and find out if they are true."

I was asked things like, "does your husband still live with you? ..... has your husband ever thrown a glass at you" ....... well, you get the idea.
At first my reaction to some of the questions she asked was to laugh.  Terrible, I know, but like I said I really wasn't prepared.
Then it dawned on me how bad it might sound.
What if she took it all seriously.

After seeing my horrified reaction it was clear to her that none of the things Boo had said were true.
It was heartbreaking.
For some reason Boo has developed very negative feelings towards his Dad and none of us are really sure why.  If it's heartbreaking for me then we can only imagine how it must be making his Dad feel.

Boo was asked questions about how he feels about all of his family members, and who he would want to be in his perfect world.  He said positive things about Little Man and myself, but said that he feels bullied by his sisters, and we had already established how he felt about his Dad.

In his ideal world he wanted to be a super hero like Spiderman so that he could be strong for his Mummy.

The longer the conversation went on the more my heart broke.

After discussing several other things during the meeting it was made clear to me by Educational Psychology that Boo is a lot more complex than we had imagined.
She had established that he imagines a lot of things, but then believes them to be real.  The problem is we have no idea what he is walking around believing.
This is when the tears started.
My gorgeous boy is walking around believing goodness knows what, and we have no way of knowing what is going through his mind.

He is emotionally fragile and I can't make him better.

By the end of the meeting it was made clear that Boo needs counselling to help him cope with his feelings and emotions, whether we had already requested it or not.
I have managed to get him an appointment with his consultant for the 14th February, and during this appointment we will be looking to arrange his counselling.
It was also realised in the assessment that he does not use his wrists properly, and doesn't seem to have proper movement in them.  It is unclear yet as to whether he will be referred directly to occupational therapy, or whether he will need to have some x-rays/scans first.
He will also need to have his hearing re-assessed as there are fresh concerns that he may have an issue with his hearing.  Something that I have been concerned about for a long time now, but is only just being picked up by the professionals.

It was a lot of information to take in in one afternoon.

Then I returned home to be told by CJ that she is worried about Boo, as she thinks he may be getting bullied at school.  I could have burst into tears right there.  Could things get any worse for my little boy?
I asked him about it, and he finally opened up and admitted that he is being picked on by a boy 2 years older than him.  This boy happens to be in the same class as CJ and she had been told about it by some of her friends.
The boy has been barging into Boo in the playground and saying awful things to him, such as, "the baby in your mum's tummy is going to die".

Can you even imagine it?

My poor boy, who I had just found out perceives things so much differently to everyone else, has already formed a very close bond with his unborn sister, and struggles to process his own emotions, is now being tormented like this at school.
He was finally happy going to school, and all of a sudden he wasn't wanting to go any more.
All of that hard work has been undone by one selfish child who gets his kicks out of making others unhappy.

Devastated doesn't even cover it.

Boo is out of control.
He is angry and aggressive one minute and bursting in to tears the next.
His behaviour is getting worse.

There is nothing we can do to help him and it is breaking my heart.


  1. That is so difficult. I can't imagine what you have to go through and how you all feel about it. But it does sound like he has a really supportive family around him who all want to help, so you have to focus on that - good luck

  2. Hi sweetie,
    Have just read all ur latest blogs. What a tough & terrible time for you. I'm so sorry. I don't know what to say to b honest I just hope it gets better for u & ur family.
    Just wanted u to know thou that ur in r thoughts & prayers.
    All r love. Mary Sherwood xxx


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