Help.  Someone call an exorcist! I am seriously starting to wonder if Roo has been possessed by evil spirits. Where did my sweet little...


Help.  Someone call an exorcist!

I am seriously starting to wonder if Roo has been possessed by evil spirits.

Where did my sweet little girl disappear to?  She seems to have been replaced by a naughty little girl who is doing everything she can to push the boundaries.  If there is something she can do that will cause disruption, then she will do it.
Fighting with her siblings, deliberately doing the opposite of everything she is asked to do, and when you tell her off she gives you this evil little grin and pulls faces at you.

Obviously you expect children to be naughty at times, and I know that Roo still wants to be thought of as the baby of the family and is quite possibly rebelling about the fact that we are about to welcome another little girl in to the family, but she really is testing our patience.

It's not just the occasional little act of naughtiness ....... it is a constant thing, and she seems to be looking for things to do that are reaching the extreme.
Just yesterday she decided that she would take her seat belt off and stand up while Daddy D was driving her home from school, and when he tried to tell her how dangerous it was, and why she must wear her seat belt all of the time, that evil little grin came back out and she refused to listen.

But nothing beats what she did 2 days ago.

For some reason, unknown to man, while playing outside Roo decided that it would be a good idea to find a stone, and draw a picture on the bonnet of Daddy's car !!

Understandably Daddy D was absolutely furious with her.  I know she is only 4 (almost 5) but surely she should have some understanding of right and wrong by now.

Her initial reaction to being told off tells me that she knew exactly what she was doing.  As soon as she was spotted she ran off at the speed of light, which tells me that she knew she was in trouble.
She was made to come in from outside, was berated for this extreme act of naughtiness, and then sent to her bedroom.
This caused her to burst into tears which would make anyone who didn't know her better, crumble and feel sorry for her.

We know her better, and have learnt from past experiences that these tears are often crocodile tears, purely put on to tug at the heart strings and decrease the time of her punishment.

Is it normal for a child of her age to be so devious and manipulative?  Or does she have the devil inside?

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