We have our date .......... at last! I was starting to worry that things were destined to work against us, right up until our Little Prin...


We have our date .......... at last!

I was starting to worry that things were destined to work against us, right up until our Little Princess arrives.

We saw the midwife on Saturday afternoon (31/03), only to be told that after weeks of being head down, our baby was now breech.
My heart sank through the floor.
Here I was, 2 days away from seeing the consultant and being given a date to be induced, and now I was being told that our awkward little madam had decided this was a good time to go bottom down.  Grrrr.
The midwife was very reassuring, and said that the consultant would probably want to do a scan at my appointment to confirm the baby's position, but that it didn't mean I wouldn't be able to have an early delivery ...... there was always the option of a caesarean section.


I wasn't really sure how I felt about that.  Terrified is one way of describing it.  But what can you do?  Not a lot.  Just go with the flow, and do what your body, and your baby need you to do.

Even my midwife was starting to pity me at this point.

I spent the rest of my weekend talking to my bump, telling our little girl that she needs to be good and turn back around, while crossing my fingers that she was listening.

Today I went to see my consultant.
After waiting for almost 3 hours to be seen, we ended up seeing the registrar instead of the consultant, but I didn't care as long as I got the outcome I wanted.  The doctor was very sympathetic and could tell straight away just how much pain I was in.  An ultrasound scan was performed and she delighted in telling me that our baby must be a mummy's girl, because she had listened, and is now head down again.
Such a good girl.

Now all I needed was a plan of action for the birth.

After speaking with the consultant, and making sure we were fully aware of all risks involved, I was told that I can be induced.
A huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.
Pure relief.

We will be going in to hospital for induction of labour on Thursday 12th April ....... and we can't wait!  Labour can take a bit longer to get going when you are induced, so there is a chance that she could be born on Friday 13th!
Luckily for us, we are not superstitious people, and after everything that has been thrown at me during this pregnancy, all I care about is the fact that we are finally going to meet our Little Princess.

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