After what has felt like a never ending pregnancy, being sent home on the day we were booked in to be induced, going back the next day, labo...

After what has felt like a never ending pregnancy, being sent home on the day we were booked in to be induced, going back the next day, labour starting then stopping again and then 12 hours of intense labour, we are delighted to announce the arrival of our gorgeous little girl 'Minnie'.

After being induced 2 weeks early, Minnie was born at 9:30pm on Saturday 14th April, weighing in at a very healthy 6lbs 11ozs.

We have chosen the name 'Minnie' for the blog for two reasons.  The main reason being that she seems so tiny, and the other being that every outfit and baby grow she owns seems to have Minnie Mouse on it. :0)

The Birth

Daddy D and I ended up spending 2 days on the maternity day assessment unit before Minnie made her arrival in to the world.  I spent my first night having strong, regular contractions that were coming every 3 minutes, but was told that the delivery suite was full so we would be staying there for the time being.
Unfortunately, by morning my contractions had stopped.

I was given a second dose of Prostaglandin gel at 9:30am and my contractions re-started straight away.  They were immediately regular, and coming every 5 minutes so we were hopeful that things would progress quickly.  
Minnie's head still wasn't in my pelvis, so the doctors were not happy to break my waters to speed things up, as it would put us at high risk of an umbilical cord prolapse.
I should have realised that nothing would be straight forward.

The labour continued throughout the day, and into the evening, but Minnie's head was still showing no signs of moving down in to the pelvis. 

I was told that I would need to have my own midwife, and that there would need to be a team of doctors available because of the risk of a cord prolapse, so it would be another hour or two before they could move me to delivery suite.  

At this point my contractions were coming every couple of minutes, I was tired, and the only pain relief I had been given was paracetamol and codeine.  The codeine had now worn off, but it was too soon to be given any more, so I was given some paracetamol.  
I wasn't even allowed to have gas and air as I had not dilated enough, and they don't like to give it before you reach 4cms.

Minnie's heart beat was monitored on the CTG machine and all looked well, so I climbed back on to my bed to try and get some rest while praying that things would get moving soon.

My contractions were soon 1 minute apart and the pain was becoming unbearable. 

Suddenly, I felt my pelvis 'pop'.  A truly bizarre feeling, that I found out later was Minnie's head popping into position.
With my next contraction there was another 'pop', but this time it was my waters breaking.  Shocked and with the pain increasing straight away, I called out to the midwife that my waters had gone, and then a few moments later, I needed to push.
I was still on the day assessment ward ........ with no delivery equipment.  

The midwife immediately got me some gas and air, grabbed a pair of gloves as fast as she could and put me back on the CTG to check Minnie's heart beat.  Suddenly it became very clear that Minnie was not happy.  Her heartbeat kept on disappearing, and it was all becoming very scary.

A senior midwife ran in from delivery suite, agreed that the CTG did not look good and that they needed to get me to the delivery suite straight away. 
I was rushed through the corridors on my bed and asked to breathe through the need to push, then between contractions I was helped to shuffle across to a delivery bed. Within seconds the urge to push was back again.  
The poor midwife hadn't even got her gloves on.  
I have no idea how, but I managed to breathe through it again, and once it had passed my words to the midwife were "I don't know what you need to do, but do it fast because she's coming".
I was starting to panic.
The midwife was very reassuring, and told me to just go with whatever my body needed to do, so on my next contraction I started to push.  

The next thing I knew, I was being handed the most beautiful little girl.

She had come out in one contraction!

We were all a little shocked, and it took me a few minutes to realise that it was over.  
Being 2 weeks early, Minnie was still covered in vernix caseosa and had a lot of mucus in her nose and throat, but other than that, all was well.

Finally it began to sink in, and the tears began to flow.  
I couldn't believe it.  
After being so worried about coping during the labour, I had just delivered her with nothing but paracetamol and gas and air to get me through it.

Due to some problems with jaundice we had to spend a few days in hospital while they kept an eye on Minnie, but we were finally allowed to come home on Tuesday 17th April.

She is still very jaundiced, and is being monitored by the community midwives for a week longer than usual.  They have said that if it hasn't cleared within the next 5 days, then she will have to go back to hospital for blood tests to check her liver function, but I am not worried.  I know that jaundice is common in babies, and Minnie is happy, and is now feeding well, so I am confident that it should clear up soon.

We are totally smitten, and I can't stop looking at my beautiful little bundle and taking pictures of her.
(For those of you who follow me on Twitter and Instagram.... I apologise now for posting pictures every 5 minutes.)

CJ, Boo, Roo and Little Man have all taken to having a new baby sister really well, and enjoy giving her lots of kisses and cuddles.

We are truly blessed to have such a beautiful family and I can't wait to start building a life time of memories now that my 'not so little' family is complete.

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