Unfortunately there is no joke here, just a very angry and unhappy Mummy. Minnie has got chicken pox, which is hardly surprising consider...


Unfortunately there is no joke here, just a very angry and unhappy Mummy.

Minnie has got chicken pox, which is hardly surprising considering Roo and Little Man have both just had it. They were ok when they had it, still cheerful and playing, but Minnie is not. She is grumpy and keeps screaming and is being sick a lot more than she normally would.
I spoke to my GP yesterday as I was concerned that the increased vomiting puts her at risk of dehydration. He was also concerned, telling me that because of her age if she was to get any worse that evening then I should take her to hospital, but if she stayed the same then I was to ring the surgery in the morning and take her for a check up - so that is what I did.

My doctors surgery opens at 8:30am for appointment bookings, and as we had made it through the night without any major problems, I rang up, only to be informed that my usual doctor was not there and that we would have to see a locum doctor instead.
At this point I hesitated as to whether to take her or not as my surgery always uses the same locum and, in my opinion, he is useless.

I'm not usually one to judge, but this doctor looks as though he should have retired about 20 years ago, acts as though he can't be bothered and doesn't really want to be there.
He called me into his room and asked what the problem was.
I explained about the chicken pox and the conversation I had had with my GP the previous evening, and I also mentioned that she has reflux but the vomiting is a lot worse than usual. On hearing the word 'reflux' he completely ignored everything else that I had told him and proceeded to give me some gaviscon to 'help'.
Again I explained that I wasn't here because of the reflux but he completely ignored me.
He asked if he could look at one of Minnie's spots so that he could confirm chicken pox and he took her temperature.  That was it.  I went to take her coat off so that he could examine her properly, but he told me not to as he didn't want to disturb her.

"But that's what I was told to bring her here for. A check up. To make sure she isn't getting dehydrated!"

Again I was ignored. It was like banging my head against a brick wall.
He did no examination. He didn't even check her soft spot (fontanelle) to see if it was dipped (this is a sign of dehydration in babies), but it was the next sentence that came out of his mouth that shocked/worried me the most.

"Give her Piriton to help with the itching".

My immediate response was, "What? Are you sure? Is that safe for a baby this young?"

"Yeah, just give her half a teaspoon"

Minnie is 8 weeks old!

Having had 4 children before Minnie I knew that I had never given any of them Piriton as a baby, and I couldn't shake the niggling feeling in the back of my mind that what he was telling me just didn't seem right.

I went to chemist, as I needed to get some paracetamol for her, (I had asked my GP the previous evening if this would be ok) and decided to ask the pharmacist about the Piriton.
Her response was a look of complete shock, and disbelief.
I was told that under NO circumstances should a baby that young be given Piriton and that I should make a formal complaint about the locum doctor immediately.

I am so angry.

What if it had been someone who has never had children before, or just didn't know any better?
You'd trust your doctor, wouldn't you?
You wouldn't think to question his advice.

I'm so glad that I listened to my gut instinct.

Not only did the doctor completely fail to help me with what I went there for, but he advised me to give my baby something that could be potentially harmful.

I am now in the process of making a formal complaint against this doctor and am really concerned about what he may be advising other people to do.

Needless to say I will not be going to my doctor surgery if  it is the locum doctor on duty ..... EVER again.

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