With the Olympics having started a week ago now, I am a little behind schedule with this post. (Darn you, school holidays) London 2012 was...

With the Olympics having started a week ago now, I am a little behind schedule with this post. (Darn you, school holidays)

London 2012 was started in spectacular style on Friday 27th July with an opening ceremony that our country can be proud of and just before the end of term Roo's Infant School celebrated by holding their own little Olympics and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The school was split into the 5 different continents and each continent was given a t-shirt the colour of their Olympic ring which had 'Ferrars Games 2012' printed on the back.
Roo was competing for Europe, so she was given a black t-shirt.
The staff were also in special t-shirts for the day which were white with 'Ferrars Games 2012' on the back and the Olympic rings on the front.

The Ferrars Olympic Games was also started in style with their own opening ceremony, including a performance from the schools very own dance troupe and cheerleaders.

Then came a real treat.
The school were lucky enough to have one of the official torch bearers present for the day, and she completed a lap of honour around the school field carrying her torch.

After this, the children took part in a round robin of events with a team for each continent at each event.
The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and scores were kept for the top 3 continents of each event, with a score board being continually updated once each event had been completed.

The children then enjoyed a picnic lunch with the parents on the school field.

After a very enjoyable and playful lunch time the sports field had been refreshed with a new selection
Of sporting events for the teams to take part in for the afternoon, with scores still being tallied up throughout.

Once the events had been completed the final scores were added to the board and then each team was called up to the front of the field in ascending order, and each child was presented with a medal that the school had specially made for them.
They were then told that they could also keep their t-shirts as an extra little keep-sake.

All of the parents were very impressed with the amount of effort the school put in to make this day special and memorable for the children, and parents alike, and it was a great way to start the Olympic celebrations before the main event began.

It was a fabulous way to get the children excited about the Olympics, and I hope you are enjoying watching London 2012 as much as we are.

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