Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Photo Gallery - The Eighties

It's been a little while since I joined in with The Gallery but when I saw that this weeks theme was The Eighties I just couldn't resist.

I mean, who wouldn't want to post highly embarrassing and cringe worthy photos of themselves on to the Internet??!!

To be honest I can't really say much about the eighties, as I don't remember very much of it.  You see, I was only born in 1983! 
Now, now, don't get jealous.

I would love to say that the pictures you are about to see are the most adorable baby photos, but seeing as how I was completely crossed eyed at birth they are more embarrassing than they are cute.

Let the sniggering commence ................

Enjoying my very first ice cream in 1984

Born to be a musical genius? .....

Joining in with the fun at a school sports day

I now realise where CJ gets her sulky face from!

So there you have it.  I was indeed THE cutest 80's baby!

Missy x

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