So, after posting about Tesco and how they failed my family , my local newspaper contacted me asking if they could run the story...


So, after posting about Tesco and how they failed my family, my local newspaper contacted me asking if they could run the story.
I was hesitant at first, and asked several people, including my husband, for their opinion as to whether I should do it or not. The general consensus was, yes, it would be good to raise some awareness of how little Tesco really care about their customers.

I agreed with that point of view, and went ahead with the article.

Unfortunately I found the article a little disappointing, and feel that it made me look as though I am struggling financially, when that is not the case. 
The biggest problem for me is getting out and about, which is why i rely so heavily on my online shopping deliveries.

It has also recieved some negative comments on the online edition which I have found to be quite rude and condesending.  I have responded to those comments, and am surprised at how people can miss the point and think it is ok for Tesco to treat people this way.  It should not matter what that person's personal situation is, or how much money they have.

I'm not sorry that I went ahead with it though, because it put Tesco in a position where they had to admit the truth.
There is NO policy that says they have to take an initial payment for the full price of the shopping before deductions. They couldn't even say why I was told that, even though I was told the same thing by 4 different members of staff.
They have now tried to change their story by saying that the problem was caused by a substitution error. Basically they have said that they had to substitute a packet of nappies that I had purchased. Instead of sending a pack of 46 nappies they were going to send 2 packs of 26, which meant that the computer did not recognise that the nappies I had originally tried to purchase were on promotion. This then caused the cost of my shopping to increase.

I see 2 problems with this -

1) If it was a a problem caused by substitutions then why was nobody able to tell me that on the phone, and why did they lie about policy?
2) surely this still shouldn't have caused a problem as they have a price match guarantee policy in place for their online shopping orders.

It feels to me as though Tesco are just trying to cover their own arses and care very little about their customers. I understand I am only 1 customer out of millions, but it is very clear to me that there are lots of customer service issues surrounding Tesco. You only have to have a look at the wall on their Facebook page to see that.
It is full of complaints from customers.

In my opinion, Tesco have become such a big company that they think that they can do what they want, and treat people badly along the way.

So, my message to Tesco is don't forget how you got to be such a big company in the first place!
That £1.7 bn in profits didn't come from nowhere.
Without your customers you are nothing ....... so maybe you should start treating them with a bit more respect!

Missy x

Since the article has been published in the newspaper Tesco have sent me £40 worth of vouchers as a 'good will' gesture.  
I tried not to laugh.