The only Christmas present I received this year, (except for a bottle of Baileys from my Mum and Da...


The only Christmas present I received this year, (except for a bottle of Baileys from my Mum and Dad) was from the lovely people at Warner Bros.

There was a knock at the door and a parcel was delivered. I opened it excitedly and inside I found a lovely Xmas stocking that was filled with some candy canes and chocolates, which were promptly devoured by the children, along with some great DVDs for us to watch.
There were also Batman and Cat Woman masks that were snapped up by Boo and Roo who put them on and ran around the house being superheroes.

The first DVD we watched was The Polar Express. We all snuggled up together and enjoyed it in the run up to Christmas.
The Polar Express tells the magical tale of a little boy who is starting to lose his belief in Father Christmas.
When he goes to sleep on Christmas Eve he is in for a big surprise as The Polar Express arrives to take him on a spellbinding journey to the North Pole, and he makes some very special friends along the way.
We all absolutely loved this film and it is now one of our Christmas favourites.

The next film we watched was Batman, The Dark Knight Rises.
I am more of a romantic comedy kind of girl, but I have to say I really enjoyed this film.
It sees Batman returning 8 years after mysteriously vanishing to battle against a ruthless madman's reign of terror over Gotham City.  Plenty of action in this film and you also get the added extra of having Cat Woman, played by the wonderful Anne Hathaway.

The last film we watched was New Years Eve, which I sat and enjoyed with Daddy D and my best friend while we were recovering on New Years Day.
The film follows the lives, and loves, of several different people on New Years Eve and explores the different feelings that people can feel at this time of year, from loneliness to excitement, and more.
I enjoyed the film, as I love most films with a bit of romance in, but did find it a little slow moving at times.

The great thing is, all of these films also have Warner Bros. brilliant feature .... UltraViolet, so we can watch them when, and wherever we want.

Thank you Warner Bros. for sending us such a lovely Christmas Present.

Missy x