Recently I was asked if I would like to review a copy of the ' What To Expect When You're Expecting ' workout DVD. It is reall...


Recently I was asked if I would like to review a copy of the 'What To Expect When You're Expecting' workout DVD.
It is really important to me that I stay fit and healthy during this pregnancy, especially after all of the problems I had while pregnant with Squidge, so I jumped at the chance.

It's a great work out DVD and I am really enjoying all of the different work outs.
The routines are designed to match whatever your energy levels may be on that particular day and you can choose whether to follow a cardio routine or a more relaxing pilates or yoga routine.

The DVD is set out into 3 different sections, as detailed below, which makes it easier to find a routine to suite you.

Barefoot and pregnant -

A really nice cardio workout that is pilates based, focusing on balance.
This is a gentle work out which is ideal for those days where you haven't got so much energy.
It is easy to follow with lots of encouragement from the instructor and I can see myself doing this one a lot more when my bump is getting bigger.

Baby Bump Boot Camp -

A more lively workout that is designed to build stamina and strength. Faster moving than the 'barefoot and pregnant' section but still easy enough to follow.
I felt the burn a lot more in this workout and wouldn't advise it if you aren't already used to following an exercise routine of some sort as you will find yourself getting exhausted.
I love doing this workout on the days where I am full of energy and following the work out even gives me an extra boost of energy, making me feel really good about myself.

Baby Steps -

This is a really fun routine that combines excessive moves with dance.
It is based on 'belly dancing' which is perfect for my ever growing baby bump. I really enjoyed this workout as it was a lot of fun and because of that I didn't really feel like I was exercising.
This would be a great work out to do with friends. It has been designed to make you feel good about yourself while having fun, and to help you feel sexy at a time when you are probably feeling a little frumpy and fed up.

Cute to the core -

Another pilates based workout that is designed to work on your core strength. This is a gentle workout that is floor based.
I really enjoyed this workout. It is really gentle and the stretches are easy to follow.  It also focuses on those all important pelvic floor exercises.

Buns in the oven -

This workout is designed to tone you legs bum and thighs. This toning workout is done standing and also using a chair. It's a great workout if you want to stay toned and keep away the excess flab during your pregnancy.

Mind, body and baby -

This is a yoga workout using large pillows, cushions or towels to help keep you comfortable.
It's a  really nice workout that is very relaxing and helps to ease any aches that you may have after your more energetic workouts. It is designed to be used after your workout but I actually really enjoy doing this on its own on days when I am feeling tired and less energetic.

This really is a great work out DVD and I would definitely recommend it!

Missy x

I was sent a copy of the 'What To Expect When You're Expecting' Workout DVD for the purposes of this review.  
My reviews are always honest and all opinions are my own.