Hearing police sirens is becoming a very common occurrence where I live. In fact I don't think I have stepped outside without hearing...


Hearing police sirens is becoming a very common occurrence where I live.
In fact I don't think I have stepped outside without hearing sirens over the past week or so.

I live in Luton. 

Yesterday saw the 10th shooting in Luton since January if this year, and 8 of those have happened since the beginning of April.

I know everywhere has its problems. We will never fully escape some sort of crime happening locally, wherever we go. But this is getting ridiculous. 
It has got to the point where we no longer feel safe in the place that we live. 
We don't want to allow our children to go out and play through fear of them being in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

A lot of the shootings have happened very close to where I live. 
Within walking distance from my house. 

The police are doing their best to keep the situation under control, but at the end of the day they can't be everywhere all of the time. 

The Scene Of Yesterday's Shooting In Luton.

It is rumoured to be a gang rivalry between two of the estates that has triggered all of this gun crime, with many of these criminals are still out in our streets, so how long will it be before others think that they can get away with it too? Carrying guns and knives just for the sake of it, and then turning violent for the smallest reason. 

Many of these attacks have been what the police have called 'targeted attacks' but that doesn't mean that it can't go wrong.

A mis-judged aim. 
A stray bullet. 
An innocent person, or even worse a child, killed in a pointless act if violence.

Police are trying to make their presence felt, with a large increase in police patrols and even armed police patrolling the places that have been scenes of shootings. But is it enough?
These crimes are still happening, and it appears to be getting worse. 

Happening in broad daylight with no care about who witnesses it. 

Yesterday's shooting took place in rush hour traffic in front of cars full of people, and yet the criminal still managed to get away.

People are too afraid to come forward with information, and I have to say I can't blame them. 

The people suffering most because of these pointless acts if violence are the honest, hard working, innocent people who are just trying to get on with their lives. 
These people no longer feel safe walking the streets, or even in their own homes. 

It is a very worrying time for the residents of Luton and many people are now asking themselves "is it time to move?"

Missy x