Well, after what has been a brilliant weekend, I was planning on writing a post all about the great time I had at Britmums Live. Instead...

Well, after what has been a brilliant weekend, I was planning on writing a post all about the great time I had at Britmums Live.

Instead I am laying in a hospital bed. 

During the Saturday of Britmums Live I experienced some Braxton Hicks, and didn't really think anything of it. 
It was to be expected after 2 amazing days of walking around socialising, so I went home on Saturday evening and elevated my rather swollen feet and ankles and made the most of having my hubby and babies fussing around me. 
Again, I had some pains on Sunday evening.
They were a bit stronger and more regular this time, so I rested, and they stopped. 

An appointment had already been made for me to see the midwife for a check up on Monday afternoon so I thought that I may as well leave it and just mention it to her at the appointment. 

On Monday morning I woke up feeling heavy and irritable. There was a lot of pressure in my pelvis and I just generally didn't feel 'right'. 
I dropped the kids to school and nursery as usual and then treated myself to a little snooze on the sofa before having to collect Little Man from nursery at lunchtime. 
During the walk to nursery the pains started again so I decided to take a slow stroll to the doctors surgery and see if the midwife could see me any earlier. 
She did. 

With the pains now being quite uncomfortable, and becoming more regular, the midwife decided that I should be seen on the labour ward. 
She rang them and gave them my details but it wouldn't be possible for me to go until Daddy D arrived home from work later that evening, as I 

Normal activity was undertaken and I collected the rest of the children from school. 
Walking very slowly, we made our way home and I had convinced myself that by the time my hubby got home the pains would have stopped. 

They didn't. 

As soon as Daddy D got home he drove me to the hospital where I was hooked up to a monitor. 

The midwife confirmed that I was indeed having contractions and rang the doctor to come and see me. 

The doctor examined me and carried out a special test called 'Fetal Fibronectin'. 
This is basically an internal swab that is taken and then put into a special machine which checks it for a protein that is usually found when your body is getting ready for labour. 

Thankfully the test came back negative, but as with many of these tests the results are not fully conclusive and, as I was still having regular contractions, the doctor decided to admit me on to the antenatal ward. 

It was 2am before I was moved on to the ward, and its safe to say I was rather exhausted by this point. 
I only managed to get a couple of hours sleep and then it was time to get up again for blood pressure checks etc. 

The contractions continued through the night and early this morning so the decision was taken to inject me with steroids to help mature the baby's lungs in case of premature labour and delivery. 

All I can say is "OH MY GOD!!"

I have never experienced an injection like it before. Painful doesn't even cover it. Even the midwife said afterwards ..... "You were really brave. Most people scream!"

And because I'm extra lucky, I get to have another one tonight!!!! 

The contractions seemed to ease off this morning. 
I have had a few again this afternoon, but they are not as regular and uncomfortable as they were yesterday, which is a good sign. 

The midwives and doctors will continue to monitor me throughout today and I am hoping that I will be allowed to go home either later on this evening, or in the morning. 

I'm only 33 weeks in to the pregnancy so this little boy needs to be staying where he is for a bit longer yet!! 

Fingers crossed for me. 

Missy x