It has been a while since I have graced these pages with the written word, and I have only been posting Silent Sunday pictures over the pas...

It has been a while since I have graced these pages with the written word, and I have only been posting Silent Sunday pictures over the past few weeks.

There are a mixture of reasons for this:

Lack of energy,
lack of time,
the school holidays,
and illness.

Stuck in hospital

Thankfully, after my little scare, I am still pregnant and am at 38 weeks already!!
The last few weeks seem to have really flown by and I can't believe our little boy will be with us so soon.
I have been having niggles on and off for a few days now, which is how it was with CJ just before I had her, so I'm hoping our little boy wont keep us waiting too much longer.  Because of this I thought I had better pack my hospital bag ....... which I did yesterday.
Better late than never huh!?

So, what's been happening with us over the past few weeks I hear you ask?  Well, let's catch up ........

After being in hospital for four horrible, hot, long days I was sent home to continue to rest.
Luckily Daddy D was able to take some time out of work so that he could take charge of the brood, doing all of the school runs etc.
Things were going well until I started to have more contractions a week later.
Back to the hospital I went, and was told that they wanted to admit me again.
I was having none of it.  I had already overheard the midwife say that they had no beds on the ward, so it would have meant me spending the night on a noisy assessment unit.
No thanks.

I discharged myself.

Some might think that that is a really silly thing to do, but I had already been told that the baby was fine and that my cervix was closed, so I didn't see the point in staying, especially as I am only 5 minutes away from the hospital.
I continued to rest at home and things settled down again.

After that we had the busy run up to the school holidays, which happened to coincide with a heatwave!
Leaving assemblies, CJ's junior prom, parties at school, as well as a couple of birthdays thrown into the mix.

CJ on her way to her Junior Prom

On Friday 19th July I turned 30, and to make the day extra special I also share my birthday with Roo, who turned 6.  We had a lovely day, and spent the whole weekend celebrating.
Roo had a party with her school friends and a bouncy castle on the Saturday afternoon and then all of the children went to stay with friends/family so that Daddy D and I could have a much needed (and very rare) evening to ourselves.
We went for a lovely meal and just enjoyed having the opportunity to relax and enjoy each others' company.

It was bliss.

The school holidays started, and with that the illness began.
I had a day of feeling really ill.  Light headed and shaky and almost passed out a couple of times, so once again Daddy D had to stay home and take charge.
Luckily it was short lived and I was back on my feet the next day.

Next it was the turn of poor Little Man.  He has been really poorly with severe tonsillitis which caused the lymph nodes in his tummy to swell.  So not only was he in agony with his throat but he also had to suffer pains in his abdomen and pains in his legs, caused by the severity of the infection.
Almost a week later and he is still taking medication to clear the infection, but is now a lot better in himself and is finally able to eat.

Poorly babies

Unfortunately, just as Little Man is recovering, Squidge has become poorly.
I'm not really sure what is causing her discomfort, but she is spiking temperatures and not sleeping well which is making for a very tired and irritable mummy, especially in all if this heat.

Even as I sit here writing this post, it is 30 degrees outside, my feet are swollen and I am a sweaty mess.
I'm looking forward to meeting our new addition, but if I go into labour in this heat I will NOT be pleased!

Missy x

My 38 week bump