Well it's 2 days before my due date, and I'm still here! (At home) After all the fuss this little one caused a few weeks ago , ...


Well it's 2 days before my due date, and I'm still here! (At home)

After all the fuss this little one caused a few weeks ago, making us think he was going to come early, he is now holding out on us and making us wait. 

I must admit I am ready for him to make an appearance now.
Sleep is practically non-existent and I am heavy and uncomfortable. 
I have been having pains on and off for a few days now and am at that frustrating stage where every little twinge has you wondering "Is this the start? Is he coming?"

Yesterday I was seen by a really lovely doctor at the hospital who checked me over and confirmed that all is well with baby. After being a little gymnast and being in every position possible he is finally head down. Unfortunately his head is still high in my pelvis so once again I am at risk of a cord prolapse if my waters break before his head settle in to the pelvis.  Because of this, if my waters were to break at home, then I am under strict instructions to get to hospital immediately. And if his head isn't settled in to my pelvis once I am in labour then I can only be delivered by a senior midwife, with a doctor present. 
Just in case. 

My bump at 38 weeks

In spite of all that I am still feeling pretty relaxed about the whole thing.
Obviously there is a little part of me that would prefer not to have to go through labour, but at the end of the day I have done it 5 times before, so I know I can get through it .... I just have to stay calm.

While with the consultant yesterday she offered me a cervical (membrane) sweep (which I gratefully accepted) to see if we can get things going naturally. 
Around an hour later I started having pains roughly every 10-15 minutes ..... but once again they stopped.
This little boy is going to keep me guessing the whole way through. 

I am due to have another cervical sweep at the end of the week if we are still waiting for labour to start, and I have been booked in to hospital to be induced on 25th August if things still haven't kicked off naturally. 

I'm really hoping that my labour starts naturally, as being induced can be a rather long and drawn out process. When induced with Squidge we were in for 3 days before she was born due to the contractions stopping and starting. 

I must admit I have been looking through some of the 'old wives tales' to see what I can do to try and encourage my labour to start, but so far I haven't had much luck. 

Did you try anything wild and wacky to start your labour? 
And more importantly .... Did it work? 

Missy x