As I'm sure you can imagine, with 6 children to contend with, bath time in our house is complete chaos! Trying to keep the childr...


As I'm sure you can imagine, with 6 children to contend with, bath time in our house is complete chaos!

Trying to keep the children who aren't in the bath happy and occupied, while trying to watch the little one(s) who are in the bath is a challenge ..... especially if the baby then decides to cry while you are trying to watch those little ones in the bath. 
CJ is brilliant and often helps, either by comforting the baby until I am free, or by watching the little ones while I check the baby ensuring that they don't try to eat the shampoo while I am gone.

Bath time should be fun for the children though, not a rushed experience with a stressed out mummy trying to get them washed and straight out of the bath just because she is hassled. 

They should be able to play!

I still have to get through bath times pretty quickly but, thanks to Mum & Me Little Explorers, they can now have fun while washing and feel like they have had play time in the bath ....... even if it was quick.

And with a sachet of Funky Fizz Bath Crackles the fun can start while running the bath.

After running the water you pour the sprinkles in to the bath and listen to them pop and fizz while changing the colour of the water.

Little Man and Roo loved watching the water change, but I feel that it would work better with brighter colours. The sachet that we had was designed to turn the water blue and, as you can see from the short video below, the colour change was not that significant.

As you can hear on the video, they did find then noisy crackles very exciting, and couldn't wait to get into the bath and play with their Little Explorers Super Soft Squidgy Soap.

Roo and Little Man couldn't wait to get into the bath and try to make shapes with the Squidgy Soap.  It comes in a can similar to shaving foam and once you have dispensed the amount of soap that you want, you can squish it and make shapes with it.  It says that you can bounce it between your hands, but we didn't have much luck with that.  
The children loved making shapes and we even managed to make a snake!

The best thing about the Squidgy Soap is that, while having all of that fun, your children can get clean at the same time.  It has a really nice fruity smell which left them smelling really nice, and also left their skin feeling soft. 

So now, even though bath times have to be fairly quick, the children still get to have lots of fun while getting lovely and clean. 

We would definitely recommend the Little Explorer bath products to families with little ones. 

Missy x

Cussons sent us the Mum & Me Little Explorers Bath Crackles and Squidgy Soap for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own and this review has not been edited by Cussons in any way.
Funky Fizz Bath Crackles = £1.00 per sachet (30g)
Super Soft Squidgy Soap = £2.49 (200ml)