Today has been one of those days. The kind of day where you just can't wait for it to be over. When the constant disobedience, fight...


Today has been one of those days.

The kind of day where you just can't wait for it to be over.
When the constant disobedience, fighting, screaming, arguing, throwing tantrums, and running around like crazy little animals has gotten to be too much.
The kind of day where you feel like screaming and running through the nearest exit while contemplating the idea of not returning.
When you start the bedtime routine at 6pm because you just can't take any more.

Today has been one of those days.

I knew it was going to a be a bad day as soon as I started the morning routine.  Nobody wanted to listen or do as they were told asked, and every task was met with the kind of whining that makes your head hurt.

"I don't want to"
"I don't like school"
"My socks feel funny under my trousers" (!!??)

After wayyyy too much protesting and arguing we ended up leaving incredibly late for school.
I don't drive so we have to make sure we have enough time to walk to school, especially with Little Man walking with us.
(2 year olds don't exactly walk fast).

I normally have to leave the house at 8:10am and we didnt leave until 8:30!  That gave us just 10 minutes to get to the school.
Poor Little Man cried the whole way there because he was having to walk so fast.  With his wrist strap on he must have looked like some poor little puppy being dragged down the road.
We made it to school with seconds to spare, which was a good job really as Boo had a school trip today and missing the coach would have caused serious problems and a massive meltdown.
After rushing the others through the school gates it was time to take a stroll to Little Man's nursery, and from there it was a short walk to the doctors surgery to have Bubba weighed.  He also had a doctors appointment and an appointment with the nurse for his second lot of jabs. I get all of the fun jobs.
It was all spaced out nicely so that he could be weighed, see the doctor and then see the nurse with plenty of time to spare.
No such luck.
Every single one of them was running late, and they all called me at the same time!!  I know I'm good, but even I can't manage to split myself in 3.
When we did eventually get seen by the doctor I had to leave Squidge sitting in the buggy in the waiting room because I was juggling a screaming Bubba who wanted his milk.  The plan to feed him after his jabs so that it would soothe him had gone completely out of the window, and I couldn't feed him and push the buggy at the same time.

Total nightmare.

After all 3 of his appointments, and a quick trip to the chemist to collect his prescription, we were finally on our way home.
3 hours after we had left for school!

Squidge had a nap, Bubba had some much needed cuddles and then it was time to do the school run again.
I swear I should be a size zero with the amount of walking I do.

Once again, as soon as the kids were reunited, they did nothing but fight and argue.  Boo and Roo started fighting outside of the local shop (I needed milk), and by this point Little Man was in the middle of the mother of all meltdowns because I had made him put his wrist strap on.


I may have looked calm and collected, but on the inside I was screaming.

The arguing continued after we got home and Boo and Roo decided it would be fun to run around the house, jumping off of the furniture and shouting as loudly as they could manage.
Add to this a screaming, miserable baby with sore legs from his jabs and conjunctivitis in his left eye, and the noise level had reached 'unbearable'.

By the time my poor hubby got home I was a mess, and he ended up getting screeched at as soon as he walked through the door, because he was late.
Not his fault, and I didn't mean to be a complete bitch, but by this point I had lost control of the kids and was ready to scream and run.
I chucked my coat on and walked out of the front door.
I just needed 5 minutes without anyone crying at my feet because so and so had pushed them/pulled their hair/taken their toy/looked at them the wrong way .......

Turns out hubby's day was just as bad as mine which made me feel even worse, once I had calmed down enough to have an actual conversation.

Bed time could not come soon enough today, and I'm not ashamed to say that once they were in bed I poured myself a rather large rum and coke.

I expect 6 kids to be hard work, but today they just seemed to be out of control.
Please tell me I'm not the only one who has days like this ? .......

Here's hoping that tomorrow is a better day.

Missy x