Firstly, before I start, let me be clear. I feel absolutely NO need to defend my previous posts about Boo's hospital visits, and I wil...

Firstly, before I start, let me be clear.
I feel absolutely NO need to defend my previous posts about Boo's hospital visits, and I will make NO apologies for protecting my son and ensuring he is cared for properly!
Oops ...... that may have sounded a little defensive. 

But anyway, what "anonymously annoyed's" comments have made me realise is that my posts may be taken the wrong way.

Yes, I have my frustrations, BUT I am MORE than happy with the way that we have been treated on the children's ward.
The nurses are amazing and, once Boo's condition was fully understood, it has been taken into account and everyone is working hard to avoid traumatising Boo and hindering the way he feels about any future health care that is needed.  

But, I have criticisms as well. And I am entitled to them. 
If you can tell me that you are always 100% satisfied with the health care you receive then I would find that very hard to believe. 

There are good and bad sides to everything. 

I used to work on the paediatric ward at this hospital so I know what the work load is like. How stressful and busy it can be, and how amazingly rewarding it is. 
I loved every single second of it and would happily come back. 

The nurses always have a kind word and a smile. 
The Doctors can be difficult, and a little less sympathetic, but not all of the time. 

This does not change the way I was made to feel in the few days leading up to Boo's stay in hospital.
It does not change the fact that I feel failed by my GP, and it most certainly does NOT change the fact that I am entitled to have those feelings and to express them in whichever way I feel suitable. 

I have, and never will, be physically writing my blog while Boo needs me. 
I have only been writing while he is asleep.

I write as a kind of therapy. 

My blog is somewhere I can express how I am feeling, and any worries I may have about my family. 

I needed to vent and that is something you can't really do, when you only have yourself for company, in a hospital bay. 

It is my hope that others might read my blog and that they may even find it helpful. They may have been feeling the same as me, or have been in a similar situation, and find my blog to be a comfort. 
A way of knowing they are not alone. 

I don't appreciate nasty, hurtful comments on my blog posts, especially ones that are a personal attack on my parenting skills and ability to cope as a mother!
It makes me wonder if people think about the whole situation before they jump in feet first and criticise. 
do, however, welcome calm and respectful debate. 

My children are healthy, happy, loved and looked after. 
That is all matters. 

Boo remains cannula free and I fully respect the reasons why the doctors would prefer not to sedate him. 
They also seem to fully respect my reasons for them not to pin him down and force him to have the cannula. 

If it was an emergency situation then that would be completely different. 
But it isn't. 

Thankfully Boo seems to be improving, slowly, and we are taking everything one step at a time. 

To all of the wonderful nurses and doctors who have done everything they can to make things easier for Boo .... THANK YOU! 

And also Thank You to everyone who has shown me support, and understand my reasons for writing this blog. 
For being there for me. And for all of your wonderful, caring words. 

It is thoroughly appreciated, even if I do have my 'complaints' at times. ;)

Love Missy x

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