Today I am feeling really rather fed up. And Tired.  And Emotional.  And pretty pee'd off with how things can be.  Boo i...

Today I am feeling really rather fed up.

And Tired. 

And Emotional. 

And pretty pee'd off with how things can be. 

Boo is due to go on his first residential trip with the school in July. 
They will be going for 5 days and to say I am anxious about it would be a little bit of an understatement. 

Boo is completely different at home to how he is at school and I am worried about how he will cope with being away. How he will cope with settling to sleep without his usual home comforts, and how he will cope emotionally. 
How much anxiety and anger are we going to see when he gets home?

It would be easier not to send him, wouldn't it?
I thought about keeping him home. 
By why should he miss out?  
Why should he be punished for being different?
What kind of a childhood is he going to have if he doesn't get to have the same experiences as everyone else?

I want him to live as much of a normal life as possible, and to learn that he can achieve whatever he wants in life. 
I want him to know that being different isn't a bad thing. 
But other people don't make that easy. 

Today I have been informed by Boo's school that although he has a food phobia that is caused by his genetic disorder, a recognised medical condition, the place where he is staying on his trip will not cater for him. 
They have said that they have to stick to a set menu and that they can not cater for individuals. 
On top of that they will not let me provide (the very few) foods that he will eat so that he can have something hot to eat at the end of an activity packed day. 
They have told me that they are unable to prepare food that has been provided by somebody else and have used insurance as a reason for this. 

I have paid for a 5 day trip that includes meals, but they will not cater for Boo. But even though they will not cater for him I am still expected to pay the full price for those meals. 
Meals that he will not be eating. 

If I'm honest the money doesn't really bother me. I am happy to pay for him to go, just the same as everyone else. 
What bothers me is what they are trying to get away with. 

How can they possibly say that they can't carer for individuals?
If he had an allergy would they refuse to cater for him then??
The answer to that is No, because they wouldn't be allowed to refuse.  
It would be discrimination. 

So why do they think that what they are doing to Boo is any different?

It is just as discriminative, if not more. 

I reacted with my emotions today, mainly because I am exhausted, but once I have gathered my thoughts (and my emotions) I WILL be fighting this. 

As far as I can see, it is not the school that are at fault, they are just relaying the message that was given to them by the residence where Boo will be staying. 
I hope that they will support my decision to fight this discrimination and that they will understand my point of view, but if they don't it will not change what I have to do. 

I have to fight Boo's corner. 

I have to show him that being different is not a bad thing. 
That we can not let people use it against him.

I am tired, I am emotional, but I will be STRONG and stand up for Boo. 

Fingers crossed we manage to get it sorted without too much of a fight!

Missy x

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