Just over 2 weeks ago, on Saturday 21st June, I attended the wedding of one of my oldest friends. It was an event I had been excited about...

Just over 2 weeks ago, on Saturday 21st June, I attended the wedding of one of my oldest friends.
It was an event I had been excited about for several months after receiving an amazing flyer style invitation informing us that she would be having her very own wedding festival. 

I attended the wedding with CJ, Boo and Roo, and the day more than lived up to my expectations. 
The amount of thought and detail that had been put into the day was truly amazing. 
Everywhere you looked there were little signs, pictures, drawings, streamers, bunting, and colours .... Lots and lots of colours. 

There were tents with food, sweets, toys for children to play with, games to play, a bar tent, music, a bouncy castle, and even a tent with sofas to chill out on. 

Everything that was needed had been thought about and provided. 
Guests were even able to bring a tent with them and camp over night if they wanted to. 

It was a truly wonderful day and will be one that holds many happy memories for me. I am so grateful to have been able to share in their special day, and wish them many, many happy years together. 

Unfortunately the day also holds a negative memory for me as well ....... 

I have been working very hard with training for the London Marathon, and had signed up to take part in the Stockwood Park Race For Life the day after the wedding. Because of this I had not been drinking and had decided not to camp over night at the Wed Fest. I called a taxi to come and collect us just before midnight but received a phone call from the taxi driver who was unable to find the entrance to the venue. 
After speaking with him on the phone he still seemed confused as to where to go, so I made my way out to the road to wave him in. He quickly spotted me and pulled in to the driveway of the venue. Instinctively I took a step backward to move out of his way, and the next thing I knew I was down a big ditch. 
From the sickening crack that I heard as I fell, I knew that my ankle was broken. 

I managed to manoeuvre myself on to my knees and became suddenly very aware of the fact that I was covered in thick muddy water, and that the ditch was full of stinging nettles. 

The taxi driver quickly came to my aid, along with several members of the brides wonderful family, who managed to pull me out of the hole. 

I was mortified. 

Luckily for me one of the guests at the wedding was an off duty paramedic, and he was amazing. 
He very quickly took charge of the situation, helped me into a sitting position, removed my boot so that he could check the pulses in my foot and then rang 999. 
By this point the pain had started to kick in, along with a little shock, causing my body temperature to drop, and I started shivering (not helped by the fact I was all wet and muddy). 
Blankets were brought out and wrapped around me to help to keep me warm and the bride's Aunt sat behind me so that I had something to lean on, and my best friend (who had also attended the wedding) held my hand and tried to keep me calm. 

I am so incredibly grateful to everyone that helped me that night, even if I was completely embarrassed. Even now I still feel bad. 
What a way to end the wedding! (Sorry .... Again). 

The ambulance still hadn't arrived 20 minutes later, so they were called again only for us to be informed that we were not a priority. 
I was cold, wet, and in agony with no pain relief. 
Another ambulance passed us on their way to another call, and very kindly stopped to check on us. They knew the paramedic that was with me and provided him with a splint for my ankle. 

Another 20 minutes passed and our ambulance finally arrived. 
My best friend took charge of CJ, Boo and Roo for me as well as ringing DaddyD to tell him what had happened. 
I was taken to hospital, had a cannula put in and was given a good dose of pain relief before being taken to xray. 

I already knew my ankle was broken .... I just didn't know how badly. 

I had broken both sides of my ankle. 

An orthopaedic surgeon then came to see me to give me the news that I would require surgery to have one of the bones put back in to the correct position and that I would also need a metal plate inserting into the ankle. 

I was the admitted into hospital and taken to surgery the next morning. 
3 and a half hours later I woke from my surgery to see that DaddyD and CJ were sitting at my bedside.
I don't really remember much about the rest of that day. The general anaesthetic along with morphine meant that i drifted in and out of sleep throughout the next 24 hours. 

After spending 5 days in hospital I was finally able to come home. 
My leg had been left in a back slab plaster (a plaster cast that only goes around the back of the leg and is open on the front) to allow for any swelling after the surgery, so I was under orders to be very careful. 

Today I have been back to the hospital to have my wound checked and to have a proper plaster cast put on. 
Seeing my ankle for the first time affected me a lot more than I thought it would and made me extremely emotional. 
DaddyD came with me to hold my hand, and it sounds silly but seeing it for the first time since the surgery has made it all feel real and has made me realise just how bad the break really was. 
(Don't worry, I won't post the pictures on here!)

I have to keep this plaster cast on for another 4 weeks, and then it's back to the hospital I go, for another wound check and a decision to be made as to whether I will need another cast or not. 
I am extremley fortunate to have family and friends who have been there to support me and to help DaddyD with the children, school runs, etc etc. 
To those of you who have been there for us ..... Thank You!

Missy x