Things are a little bit crazy at the moment. There are just over 2 weeks until the London Marathon and the nerves have definitely started ...

Things are a little bit crazy at the moment.

There are just over 2 weeks until the London Marathon and the nerves have definitely started to kick in.

I have been trying to go out for a run whenever possible, but often have to resort to using the treadmill, as trying to escape for a run when you have 6 children to look after is no easy task.

I haven't run anywhere near as much as I should have for someone who is going to be doing the marathon but, to be honest, it stopped being about running and finishing times once I had my accident, and pulmonary embolism.

Now it is purely about fundraising ..... and getting over the finish line alive!

My focus is purely on raising as much money as possible for Genetic Disorders UK to help them continue the amazing work that they do for families who have been affected by genetic disorders.

Families just like mine!

Even if it means crawling across the finish line.

For those of you who don't already know, my son Boo has a rare genetic disorder called Chromosome 1q21.1 Duplication Syndrome, which causes him to have many autistic traits, learning difficulties, behavioural problems, problems with his short term memory, difficulty processing and coping with his emotions and a food phobia.  
He is my inspiration for running the marathon.

My Inspiration

The support I have received has been amazing. 

Your words of encouragement mean so much to me, and I know that I will not be able get through this without you 'by my side'.

I have had some lovely local press coverage in the Luton on Sunday newspaper, and also have some rather exciting publicity things happening over the next couple of weeks that I hope to share with you very soon.

Every penny that you donate really does make a difference, and here are a few examples of what your money can be used for -

£10 pays for an hour of specialist telephone advice for parents caring for children with severe neurological genetic conditions

£50 pays for a parent to attend a support day, where they'll get the advice and guidance they need to care for their disabled child.

£150 pays for a child carer in a family affected by a genetic disorder to enjoy summer camp, where they'll meet others in a similar situation and have some much needed fun.

£250 contributes to the creation of a website where children affected by genetic disorders can find confidential information and support.

£500 pays for five families affected by profound disabilities to enjoy as adaptive sports session, where they can build confidence and friendships with other in a similar situation.

£1,000 will help fund a film for teenagers with a life limiting condition encouraging them to come to terms with, and begin to take responsibility for, their condition and give their parents a well deserved break.

Please, please, please, if you can spare a few pounds, sponsor me and help to support this amazing charity, and make all of my hard work worth while.

Thank You

Love Missy x

Just Giving Marissa Bird