Just over 4 months ago a new app called Periscope was launched by Twitter. I was introduced to the app by the lovely Aly from  Bug, Bird &...

Just over 4 months ago a new app called Periscope was launched by Twitter.

I was introduced to the app by the lovely Aly from Bug, Bird & Bee (who is also on Periscope), while at the Britmums Live blogging conference, and I have become totally addicted.

Periscope allows it's users to live stream anything that they would like to share with other users around the world.  You can choose to follow people if you like the kind of 'scopes' that they share, and you can also use the world map option to explore and find new people to watch and follow.

After attending Britmums Live I have been playing with the idea of creating some vlogs and Periscope has provided the perfect opportunity for me to get used to talking to the camera and sharing some of our family experiences with others via film.

Also, as a mother to 6 children, I don't exactly have the chance to get out into the world to explore.  
Sure, we go on days out and have a lot of fun as a family, but travelling the world isn't exactly an option at the moment.

Travelling is something that I have always wanted to do, and hopefully still will once the children are older, and Periscope is feeding my desire to do so.

Thanks to Periscope I am currently travelling the world and sharing some pretty amazing experiences with people who have chosen to share them via the app.  

I have made some 'friends' on the app who follow some of the same people as I do, and I've had some pretty awesome conversations as well.

I have watched the sunrise (and set) over the ocean, been on a tour around New York city, flown over the Sydney Opera House in a helicopter, been for walks in the countryside, watched amazing, original music being played on the piano, witnessed beautiful art being created and accompanied someone while they travelled from the north to the south of Vietnam (Halong to Saigon).

These are just a few of the amazing things that Periscope has allowed me to experience through someone else's eyes.  
Well, technically through their phone, but you know what I mean.

The great thing about Periscope, that sets it aside from watching videos on other apps, is the interaction.  
While watching videos on Periscope you can talk to the 'scoper' via text messages at the bottom of the screen, and they can read them and respond to you.

If you are enjoying what you are watching then you can tap the screen which sends little hearts to the person who is live streaming the video .... a bit like hitting the 'like' button on Facebook, except you can do it hundreds/thousands of times on the same video.

If you haven't done so already then I would definitely recommend downloading Periscope and giving it a try.

To help you get started I am even going to share (in no particular order) some of my favourite 'scopers' with you .......

@__nev__ If you love to see beautiful sunsets and sunrises then Nev is definitely the one to follow.  He captures the most amazing scenes, like the one below, from the beaches of Bribie Island in Australia.  His scopes make me want to be there for real, to experience it for myself!

Image Credit - Nev Sim

@DanAndMoore - Dan is a travel blogger and YouTuber and shares some amazing experiences with his followers.  He has taken us up in a helicopter, taken us to feed kangaroos, and has even taken us on a rollercoaster ... just to name a few.  If you like to have fun, and be part of a brilliant community, then Dan's the man for you!

@MyBlondeReality - Jennie is a fabulous scoper (and blogger) who shares the perfect mix of city life and country living.  Working in London allows Jennie to share the excitement of the city, but then she returns home to the countryside and shares the beautiful views, country walks and some brilliant home cooking as well.

@chocolateJohnny - Chocolate!! Need I say any more?  Just kidding.  There's a lot more to John than chocolate.  He is bubbly, friendly and brilliant on Periscope.  He will show you around his family business (a chocolate shop and factory) and gives excellent tips and advice about using periscope and helping your small business grow (if you have one).  He even gets his followers involved in helping to create new products/flavours.

@_MrGrand_ - I am fairly new to watching MrGrand's scopes, but fell in love with them straight away.  He doesn't talk or show his face, he *just* plays!  He will respond to your comments via text on the screen, and he shares the most amazingly beautiful, original compositions.  He is truly talented and I love to watch him play the piano.

@RonWaxman - Ron was one of the first people I watched after downloading Periscope, and I immediately became a fan!  He shares the amazing sights of New York, taking you on tours of the city, as well as watching the sunrise from his amazing roof deck.  Ron is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to New York, and if he doesn't know the answer to something then he will always try to find out for you. New York is somewhere I have always wanted to visit, and Ron's scopes get me that little bit closer!

@EntrepreneurOAJ - Derek has taken all of his followers on an epic journey.  He shares the highs and the lows, always keeping it real, and is an absolute joy to watch.  He has just completed his journey through Vietnam but has many more adventures to come. He always has a smile for his viewers and, like Dan, has built up an amazing community of 'friends'. 
Now is the perfect time to follow Derek as he has just made the very exciting announcement that he is going to be visiting 50 different countries in the space of 6 months, to raise money for 50 different charities! And he is taking us with him!  How amazing is that!

@MrASingh - Amrit is a graphic designer, artist and photographer who shares his amazing talents via Periscope.  He will draw and paint live, for everyone to watch, and holds some fabulous giveaways for his viewers.  I was lucky enough to win one of those giveaways, which is a watercolour print that I watched him create on Periscope, and it is a scene from one of Jennie's (MyBlondeReality) scopes! I feel honoured to be the owner of Amrit's work and always find him fascinating to watch.

There are SO many more that I could add to this list, but I don't want to keep you here, reading forever.

So, what are you waiting for?  

Grab Periscope now and join the fun.

If you decide to follow anyone from my list then feel free to tell them that I sent you! ;)  

Of course, I would love it you followed me as well (@missy_b83).  I share scopes about family life, days out, occasional cooking scopes, and more.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Missy x

I have not been compensated in any way for writing this post.  These opinions are my own and have not been edited or influenced by Periscope in any way.  I just wanted to share my new addiction with you all ;)