On the 19th August 2014 we visited Woburn Safari Park.  It was 8 weeks after my surgery and I had woken up feeling unwell with some che...

On the 19th August 2014 we visited Woburn Safari Park. 

It was 8 weeks after my surgery and I had woken up feeling unwell with some chest pain and shortness of breath.

The children had spent the entire 6 weeks of their summer holidays not being able to go for days out as I was on bed rest after my surgery and Daddy D was having to care for me, as well as looking after them.

I was finally able to walk, with the assistance of crutches, and desperately wanted them to have an enjoyable day out.  
So, I put a smile on my face, stuck to our original plans and away we went to the Safari Park (which was a really stupid thing to do).

That smile didn't last long.

The first part of our visit was the drive through safari. The further round we got the more pain I was in, until I reached the point where I couldn't actually move and breathing was becoming extremely difficult.

We eventually managed to get to the end of the drive through safari and Daddy D had to go for help.

Staff at the safari park were absolutely amazing.
A first aider came to assess me and immediately called an ambulance.

A fast response car was first on the scene and did the initial assessments, inserted a cannula, and administered some pain relief while we waited for the ambulance to arrive.

Once in the ambulance an ECG was performed which showed abnormal results, and it was discovered that my right lung was not filling with air properly.  
I also had some 'crackles' on my left lung, and a slight temperature.

Every time I tried to take a breath in it felt like i was being stabbed in the chest.
It reached the point where I was gasping for air and the paramedics had to give me oxygen to try and help me breathe.

While all of this was happening the amazing staff at the safari park had whisked my children away and taken them on a little adventure so that they wouldn't be frightened while the paramedics were trying to make me better.
They even took them in to some of the enclosures to feed the animals, which means they have some incredibly magical memories of that day instead of it being the day they nearly lost their Mummy.

I will be eternally grateful to them for that.

I was immediately rushed in to hospital, with the sirens blaring and the blue lights flashing.

The moment we reached the hospital was the moment I realised just how serious things really were.

A group of around 5 doctors and nurses greeted the ambulance outside of the hospital, yanking the doors open before the ambulance had even reached a complete standstill, and I was rushed straight in to the resuscitation area.

The next few hours were a bit of a blur.

I was given pain relief, stuck with various needles, had blood taken for testing, and was taken for scans and x-rays.

Turns out I had been suffering with a life threatening pulmonary embolism.

I could have died!

But ..... I didn't.  
I am still here, and I am extremely thankful to all of the people who helped me in the time that I was poorly, and to the wonderful doctors and nurses who acted so quickly and prevented the worst from happening.

Woburn Safari Park even sent us some complementary tickets so that we could return once I had recovered.

My recovery was long, but we finally managed to visit again a few days ago.

I have created the video below to share some highlights of our day out with you all.

We had such a lovely day.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed our visit.

Love (an extremely grateful) Missy xx