I haven't been here for a while. In fact I haven't been here since October. There has been so much happening that I haven't ...

I haven't been here for a while.

In fact I haven't been here since October.

There has been so much happening that I haven't even had the time to think, let alone actually sitting down and writing.

Christmas passed us by, and in a blink of an eye we have already made it into March.

How did that happen?

There have been many things happening here.  

We seem to be fighting a constant battle with illnesses.
Tonsillitis, stomach bugs, colds .... you name it, we've had it.
They just seem to keep on coming at us, one after another, after another.

As well as juggling the usual 'childhood illnesses' and joyful behaviours we are noticing quite a big increase in Boo's autistic tendencies as he approaches puberty.

We are seeing a lot more meltdowns and his stimming has increased.

This is all new territory for us, as it is for hundreds of others.  
We are not experienced when it comes to autism, or Boo's chromosome disorder, and it is not easy to find the advice and support that we need.

Even medical professionals can come across as uncaring and dismissive.

A few days ago I was explaining Boo's condition to a nurse while he was being checked over and I mentioned that he has autism.
Her response?
"He looks bright as a button to me.  Nothing wrong with him" !!!

Sometimes I really wish people would think before they speak.

Squidge has also been having some medical issues.

She had an MRI scan to check her spine and rule out spina bifida, and thankfully the results of her MRI were normal.

But there have been other issues to contend with as well.

Her nursery teachers expressed concerns that she has been having vacant episodes while at nursery and then, a couple of weeks ago, she had what doctors think was a seizure whilst she was at home with us.

She sat on the floor, went completely grey, her eyes rolled back in her head and then she lost consciousness.  

She was unconscious for 5 minutes.

I don't think I have ever been so scared.

We are now waiting for some blood tests results and then a referral for further investigations so that we can try and find out what is happening.

So ..... as usual ...... I have been trying to juggle 101 balls in the air.

As a parent of 6 children I am used to dealing with everyday illnesses, but at the moment it seems as though we are being pushed to the limits.

I'm sure, after reading all of this drivel (sorry about that), you can understand why I haven't been around.

On a more positive note, Missy. B & Family is getting a new look, courtesy of the wonderful Nickie at Typecast (Thanks Nickie!)

It made sense to me that after being absent for so long I should come back with a new, fresh look. *excited face*

Please bear with us over the next week or so as we tweek things around.

I can't wait to share the new look Missy. B & Family with you all when it is completed.

Missy x