To my neighbour who chooses to remain anonymous - I received your note through my door. A note informing me that it was a 'polite...

To my neighbour who chooses to remain anonymous -

I received your note through my door.
A note informing me that it was a 'polite request' when actually there was nothing polite about your note at all.
The note went on to inform me that my children are too noisy when they play in the garden during the day and that it apparently stops you from being able to hear your own tv. 
A claim that I find to be extremely far fetched, especially as I am able to hear my own tv perfectly well ..... and I am on the same property as my children while they are playing.

You then continue to inform me that my children's playing is stopping other people from being able to enjoy their own gardens during the summer and that I need to be more considerate of my 'suffering neighbours'.
Very polite. 
And how do you know this? 
Have other people complained to you? Because we certainly haven't had any other complaints.

I WOULD like to apologise for the point you made about Sunday morning. 
I knew my children were out too early that morning.
In my defence, I had had a really bad night with my youngest and just needed the children to be occupied that morning.
So, against my better judgement, I let them go outside.
I apologise sincerely for the fact that they disturbed you that day.

But that is the ONLY thing I will apologise for!

I will NOT stop my children from playing outside. 

I have 6 children.
When they play they are noisy.
They shout and scream and sing and laugh.

It is the school summer holidays and I am encouraging them to play outside (when the weather allows) and to spend their summer playing on the trampoline, in the sandpit and in the pool (when hot enough), looking for bugs and running around.

I want my children to play, and to be happy, and to make noise !
I want them to use their imaginations and make up games.
I LOVE to listen to them singing and making up new games to play when they are bouncing on the trampoline.
I know they fight and argue (and the little ones cry), but show me siblings that don't !
They are in their own garden !!!!
They are not running around in the streets causing aggravation for anyone else.
They are not spending their summer sitting glued to television and computer screens.


And I will NOT apologise for that.

Missy x

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