I had big plans for this weeks Great Bloggers Bake Off final. But, as so often happens with 6 children to run around after, I just haven&#...

I had big plans for this weeks Great Bloggers Bake Off final.

But, as so often happens with 6 children to run around after, I just haven't had the time to do what I was hoping to do.

This week is crazy busy.

It has seen the children return to school after spending the whole of half term with a sickness bug, and most of this week is being spent getting ready for my brother's farewell meal on Friday (more on this soon), and for a special family get together for fireworks on Saturday.

For the final of The Great British Bake Off the last 3 contestants took on a Meringue Crown for the signature bake, a Victoria Sponge for the technical bake, and a picnic consisting of a chocolate celebration cake, 12 sausage rolls, 12 savoury scones, 12 mini quiches and 12 sweet tarts for the showstopper challenge.

My plan was to make the picnic for my final bake, but unfortunately I just haven't had the time.

I didn't think I was going to get the chance to bake at all, but I really didn't want to miss finals week so instead I have combined the technical bake with one aspect of the showstopper challenge by putting a twist on my Victoria Sponge recipe to create a chocoholics dream.

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Missy's Choc-A-Lot Cake
A deliciously moist chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream and chocolate decorations. Perfect for any chocolate lover.

Details - Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: 10-12 servings

  • 220g butter
  • 220g caster sugar
  • 180g self raising flour (sieved)
  • 40g cocoa powder (sieved)
  • 4 large eggs (whisked lightly)
  • for decorating (ready made) chocolate buttercream
  • for decorating a selection of your favourite chocolates
Cream together the butter and the caster sugar until light and fluffy.Mix the flour and cocoa butter together in a small bowl.Add a third of the egg mixture to the butter and sugar along with a third of the flour mixture and beat together until fully incorporated. Repeat these steps until all of the egg and flour mixtures have been used.Beat the mixture for a few minutes to achieve a smooth and creamy cake batter.Grease two 8 inch round cake tins and split the mixture evenly between them.Bake for 20-25 minutes until cooked. Poke a skewer into the centre of the cake, if it is cooked properly the skewer will come out of the cake completely clean.Leave the cakes to cool.Once cooled, spoon a generous amount of the chocolate buttercream on top of one of the cakes and then sandwich the other cake on top. Cover the entire cake with more of the chocolate buttercream.Once covered with buttercream, decorate your cake with the chocolates of your choice.Serve and enjoy!

(I cheated a little and used a tub of ready made buttercream, but if you have the time to spare then chocolate buttercream is easy enough to make and you can find a simple recipe for it via Google).

I was really disappointed not to be able to bake as much as I wanted to this week, but am really happy with how my 'choc-a-lot' cake has turned out.

So there we have it... the last of my bakes for The Great Bloggers Bake Off this year.  *sad face*

This weeks bakes are being judged by the wonderful (and generous) people at Tesco, who are also going to be giving out a few prizes, and I can't wait to see who the worthy winners will be.

Missy x

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