Sometimes life can be a little (okay, a lot) overwhelming. That is exactly what has happened here recently. The last few months have bee...

Sometimes life can be a little (okay, a lot) overwhelming.

That is exactly what has happened here recently.

The last few months have been non-stop illnesses, appointments, family emergencies, and more, meaning that my blog and social media channels have pretty much been deserted.

Recent events have forced us to make some important decisions about the future though, especially where Boo is concerned.

I can't go into the details yet, but am looking forward to sharing more about this soon.

There is simply too much to go into with everything that has happened over the last couple of months, but here are a few important health updates;

Since my last post about Boo's health, I am really happy to say that he has now been cleared by the cardiologist and is back on the waiting list for his tonsillectomy.
Obviously this doesn't explain what is causing his chest/abdominal pain, so further investigations will need to be completed, but at least we know it isn't a problem with his heart.
Here's hoping he doesn't have to wait too long until he is able to go in for his surgery again.

Squidge hasn't had any big episodes/seizures since I last posted about her but, after seeing the neurologist a couple of days ago, it has been decided that it would be best to do a full genetic screening for her and also a full set of blood tests to re-check her kidney function as this has been slightly abnormal previously.
These will be done on 21st February and then we will have to wait several weeks for the results of her genetic screening.
The screening is being done as a precaution due to some slightly worrying symptoms that Squidge has been displaying.
As Boo has already been diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder any concerns that could potentially be linked to genetics need to be investigated further.

Another health issue that has arisen over the past few weeks is with Bubba's hearing.
It is becoming increasingly worse and we are constantly having to repeat things to him, which is causing him (and me) to become incredibly frustrated.
I have to admit that having to repeat myself 100 times a day, and listening to the constant "Huh? Huh? Huh?" because he hasn't been able to hear me, is driving me slightly insane.
After a trip to the doctors it has been established that Bubba is suffering from glue ear in both of his ears. He has had a course of antibiotics which improved the situation for all of 4 days, and then we were straight back to "Huh?" again.
Glue ear is extremely common in children so I'm not too worried, but unfortunately we have to watch and wait for 3 months before they will refer him for insertion of grommets.
I'm not sure my sanity will last that long.

So the seemingly endless list of appointments continues.

Here's hoping that things start to calm down soon.

Missy x

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