As a parent things are constantly changing. Recently the years seem to be flying by in a blur, and we have just started a pretty signifi...

As a parent things are constantly changing.

Recently the years seem to be flying by in a blur, and we have just started a pretty significant chapter in our lives.

For the very first time, all of our children are at school. Full-time school!  (With the exception of Boo who continues to be home educated).

It is a very strange feeling not having any little ones at home with me during the day anymore.  Having a baby at home has always been the norm for me.  And now they are rapidly growing up and finding their independence.

It is a new and strange situation for all of us. 

CJ is busy making plans to move on to a college education, which absolutely terrifies me.  
I'm pretty sure she just started nursery 5 minutes ago.  
She has even started looking in to which universities she would like to attend and has a career plan mapped out for herself. 

I love that she is so organised and driven, but I kind of wish she would just slow down and stop growing up so quickly.  

Emotionally I'm just not prepared for being the parent of a young adult.

Boo continues to be home educated and is so much happier.  His anxiety levels have decreased, almost disappearing completely, and he is revelling in the one to one attention he now receives.  
I have to admit he's not the only one enjoying the mother and son time we are able to enjoy now that Bubba is at school, and seeing him happy and relaxed makes it all so worthwhile.

Roo is in her last year of Junior School!  
We have completed the applications for her high school placement and she is extremely excited about the new adventure that lay ahead of her.  
I wish I could say I was as excited as she is, but it is yet another step up the ladder to adulthood, and it seems to be approaching us way too quickly.

On top of Roo finishing at junior school Little Man is also in his last year at infant school.  He is such a bright little boy and the teaches often pass comment on his ability to teach them new things and his pure joy for learning.

Next September I will have one child finishing infants and moving to juniors, one child finishing juniors and moving to high school, and another finishing high school and moving to college.

I have a feeling I am going to need a very large supply of tissues.

It really is scary how quickly they are all moving through the school system, but at the same time, I love seeing their characters develop outside of our little family unit.

There have been more than a few bumps in the road at the opening of this new chapter, which is one of the many reasons why I just haven't had the time, or the drive, to be here updating you all.

Photo by Matt Duncan on Unsplash

It took Bubba a couple of weeks to adjust to being at school all day after having been at home with me all to himself for a whole year.
There were mornings where he had to be peeled off of me by his teacher while he screamed and sobbed for me to take him home.
These were the days on which I had to hold in my own tears until I had left the school so that my baby didn't realise that it was hurting me too.

Those days were absolutely heartbreaking, but now he has adjusted to the change he is really enjoying school and we are seeing a new side to his cheeky little personality.

Lots more has happened in the months that I haven't been able to write.  
Too much.

But this is yet another new chapter.
One that will have as many ups and downs as any other, but that's what life is all about... the challenges.

I feel as though we are on a completely new journey now.  
Finding ourselves in uncharted territory all of the time... and I find myself juggling with my feelings about it all.

Feeling such joy that my babies are growing into happy individuals, and yet feeling sad that they don't need me quite so much anymore.

I guess it's normal to feel this way, and I'm sure we will eventually find our feet.

But for now, I will continue to feel my sadness and joy and wonder what on earth I'm going to do in a couple of years when my biggest baby leaves me to go to university.

Love Missy x

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